Origin of Baby Showers

Did you know that baby showers actually originated in ancient times? For example, in ancient Rome and Greece, the pregnant woman was isolated before and just after the birth. She was “showered” with a party and gifts once she had been “purified” after the birth of the new baby. Throughout the middle ages and later the Victorian era, the traditions were different, but there was always a time and a way in which the new mother and the new life were celebrated. After the 20th century began, and especially after the Great Depression, the life expectancy of both mother and baby increased immensely with the advancement of medical treatments. Hence, it became “safer” to gift the baby and the mother before the infant arrived.

Planning a Baby Shower

Planning a baby shower is ironically as much fun for the organizer as it is the recipient. This is because planning games and picking out baby shower prizes is so much fun! Although planning the shower involves skills in organizing and coordinating events, there is inherent fun in choosing the games and prizes. That is so because in this 21st century, not only is the mother-to-be bestowed with gifts, the attendees leave the celebration with prizes of their own. Following are some ideas for Baby Shower Prizes, along with ideas for the baby shower games themselves:

Great Baby Shower Prize Ideas

Polka Dot Flip Flop Design Manicure Kit

1) A practical gift that will be appreciated by anyone. You can easily order these Polka Dot Flip Flop Design Manicure Kits in sets of six for only $14.00 + shipping.

12 Fillable Bottles Baby Shower Favors Prizes Games Safari Jungle-Noah's Animals

2) For guests with a sweet tooth, twelve Noah’s Ark pseudo-baby bottles that you can easily fill with candy or gum. You get twelve for $20.99 + shipping.

3) We adults love the opportunity to collect items that reflect on our childhoods and this gift offers that opportunity. Why not order a 24-count pack of Super Hero rubber duckies for only $15.95 + shipping to be used individually as prizes? They will be the talk of the shower.

4) Everyone wishes they had the velvety baby-soft skin like we had as babies. Hence, it only makes sense that “baby” lotion would make a great party favor. Make them even more special and memorable with a personalized label. They may cost a bit more than other party favors at $44.50 for 24, but even at that price, they are less than $2.00 per guest!

Shop Succulents Rosette Succulent

5) Possibly one of the most creative gifts, if you are able to spend a little more, would be to purchase this lot of 20 potted little succulents for $39.99, and the good news is these come with free shipping!

Pink Baby Carriage Design Key Chains, Pack of 30

6) At an impressive price, you can get thirty really cute baby-themed key rings for only $39.99 with potentially free shipping (see website for conditions).

7) Here’s a clever gift suggestion that practically anyone would appreciate receiving: fancy ballpoint pens with a creative gemstone on the end. You get three for $6.20 plus free shipping (see website for conditions). See for yourself just how cute these pens are.

Here are some choices from Etsy.com:

Hand Sanitizer Tag, Customized Tags, Baby Shower Favor

8) Here is a brilliant idea to give to friends and family who will later want to hold the new arrival: personalized message hand sanitizers! These are best illustrated by looking at the photos right here.

Succulent Party Favors

9) This listing offers a baby shower favor that is similar to one mentioned above but offers some variations/choices. They are succulents that are offered either in a small pail, without the pail, or you can even buy the pail without the plant. Check it out; it’s really cute.

10) If your baby shower is going to be highly attended and your budget allows for around $80 for party favors, check out these seventy little soap cows offered here. They are adorable and will be the talk of the party.

11) Your guests who love natural products would certainly appreciate these natural bath bombs. For $15.50 plus shipping, you get twelve assorted aromatic bath bombs made from luxurious essential blends. You can choose from ten creative varieties or choose a combination of all.

12) These are sure to bring a smile! Not only are they personalized for the occasion, but the rotund shape of the EOS lip balm serves as a “belly” on the lip balm card. You really want to consider this option. They are $5.00 each with free shipping!

13) Now, if you would like to order the creative pun-tags right here, for only $10 for thirty, you can hop over to this link and purchase your choice of colors in economically priced bath poufs at only $18 for twelve.

From My Shower to Yours Baby Shower Favor Tags

From My Shower to Yours Baby Shower Favor Tags (2.5″ Wide), White Baby Onesie Favor Tags, Soap/ Lufa/ Shower Gel Favor Tags

Light Pink Bath Poufs-Mesh Bath Sponge – Bath Accessory-30g-Custom Order- Baby Shower Favors- Bath Supply-Gifts.

Best handmade gift

14) Here is a specific seller on Etsy who is located in Greece and who offers amazing products that any baby shower attended would love. Choose from organic olive oils, fresh herbs, honey, soaps, and more. You can check out the Spartan Table yourself.

Additional Ideas:

If none of the above links leads you directly to what you want, consider these baby shower prize ideas:

15. Fragrance candles;
16. Fast-food gift cards (or Starbucks!);
17. Lottery tickets;
18. Giant Hershey Bars;
19. 50 ml bottles of liquor, such as Fireball;
20. Handmade fruit bowls;
21. Hallmark Christmas ornament;
22. Designer socks;
23. Pound of gourmet coffee;
24. $2 bill (available at your local bank);
25. Baby powder (for your adult friend!);
26. Fancy hair ties or hair bows;
27. Windchimes;
28. Puffy house shoes (one size or practical size);
29. Cookbook;
30. Digital photo frame;
31. Music box that plays a baby tune.

Any of the above baby shower prizes ideas will leave you well-armed for any of those ultra-creative baby shower games. Your guests will laugh, play, eat snacks, share motherhood stories and watch the guest-of-honor open gifts. They can then return home armed with a clever little memento of their good time.