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Baby Shower Weightloss
Post Baby Shower - Post Baby = Celebrity Mom Diets and Exercise
How do the celebrities do it? It seems like they're able to drop weight fast and look incredible just weeks after having a baby while most regular moms work long and hard to lose those last 15 pounds. Actually, the celebrities have to work hard at it too! Sure many hire trainers and nutritionists, but they still have to diet and train hard.

You may not be able to put in the same hours at the gym as celebs, but you can learn from their diet regimens and training programs to kick your own baby weight loss routine into gear. We all wish there was a magic wand to lose those pounds. Truth is, there is not and it take some of us longer than others, depending on genetics, diet, exercise and just plain time for our bodies to heal and hormones to calm down.

Christina Aguilera Diet and Exercise
Routine: Works out with a trainer 5 times a week, doing treadmill, stretching, boxing and weight training. Christina eats healthy six days a week by following a protein, veggie, and whole grain-heavy diet. She calls Sundays her cheat day - she loves Southern cooking and chili cheese fries top the list!

Halle Berry Diet and Exercise
Routine: Halle trains 5 days a week for an hour with a private trainer. She does elliptical, kickboxing, stair and hill climbing, then strength training including an abs and leg workout. She eats a diet of lean proteins, veggies and complex carbs, drinks lots of water.

Jenifer Lopez Diet and Exercise
Routine: After reported gaining 50 pounds, Jenifer is taking if off by training 3 times a week with a private trainer. She does 20 to 30 minute walks with sets of lunges and push-ups.

Jessica Alba Diet and Exercise
Jessica is on NutriFit's meal delivery plan of 1,600 to 1,800 calories per day. She also has a gym at home and has a one-hour 3-2-1 Baby Bulge Be Gone plan which is a cardio and toning plan from Ramona Braganza.

Milla Jovovich Diet and Exercise
She is amazing at how fast she lost the weight after gaining 70 pounds during her pregnancy! Her secret is a 5-factor workout that includes cardio and weight training with a trainer. She also eats healthy!

Camila Alves (Model girlfriend of Matthew McConaughey) Diet and Exercise
Camila is in amazing shape after her baby boy ( was born. Camila states that breast feeding helped as well as yoga and swimming. She is one with great genetics.

Nicole Kidman Diet and Exercise
After giving birth to her daughter, Nicole trimmed down real fast due to those amazing genetic genes! She keeps fit post-baby by hiking, tennis, spinning, running as well as going to the gym and having a trainer. She eats healthy which is also helpful.

Gwyneth Paltrow Diet and Exercise
Gwyneth has two children, yet is in top shape due to working out hard 2 times per day and includes dance aerobics, machine training along with fruits and vegetables and no meats.

Cindy Crawford Diet and Exercise
Protein and Veggies with whole grain foods are how Cindy stays in top shape even with a two little ones. She also uses a treadmill and does S Factor exotic dance workouts.

Tori Spelling Diet and Exercise
Tori did the Nutrisystem diet and shed 46 pounds and looks amazing! Go Tori!

Remember that the celebrity moms have jobs that demand them getting back into "perfect" shape for their next roles. They also have the paparazzi following them and trying to take "horrific" pictures of them so they can sell them for more money to magazines! With this pressure, many of them get back into shape real fast. Most of us in our lives, taking care of kids and possibly working at least part time, have no spare time to do this so it takes a little longer, even if we are determined to get back into shape as quickly as possible.

Here are some helpful facts and tips:

1) Don't Be Hard on Your Self.
Remember, you just had a baby and have more responsibility. Give yourself some time and let the hormones and life calm down before trying to think your body can return to a pre-baby body. Make sure to check with your doctor on when is a good time to start your weight reducing program especially if breast feeding or having a C-Section.

2) Breast Feeding Helps.
It is proven that breast feeding can help reduce body fat as it is taking the body energy to produce the milk which does help with weight loss naturally. Doctors say you lose about 500 calories a day by breast feeding!

3) Write Down What You Eat.
Keeping a log of what you eat can help in tracking calories. Make sure to eat enough, especially if you are breast feeding and speak with a nutritionist or your doctor if you can to make sure you are getting enough calories.

4) Exercise as Much as Possible.
There is no magic pill that will help reduce the weight quickly and healthy! Do some walking with the baby in their stroller, use a treadmill, get a tape of yoga or join a gym if possible.

5) Find a Reputable Diet That Works For You.
Not every diet is for everyone. Find a reputable diet and follow it. This will help lose weight. Look up on the internet for some diets and also ask friends that have kids on how they lost the weight after having their baby.


We hope you found this celebrity mom diet section helpful even though this is really a baby shower site (pre-baby). Tell us what you think by emailing us at

Celebrity baby story of the month - August 2008 - Lisa Marie Presley, 40, and her husband, music producer Michael Lockwood, are expecting twins! Singer Pink hosted the baby shower at the Little Door in Los Angeles on August 2nd. Word is that Pink had stores donate gift bags and the expectant mommy received a Cruzin Cooler Electric Scooter and Skineez Skincarewear. Lisa Marie has a 19-year old daughter Dannielle and a 16-year-old son Benjamin from her first marriage.

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