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The baby shower theme will set the tone for party and help you organize the baby shower. The baby shower theme will make ordering invitations, planning decorations and deciding which games to play simple. You have lots of choices, so we have assembled a list some of the most popular baby shower themes to help you. Remember when choosing a baby shower theme to consider what the mommy-to-be will like, what your guests will enjoy and if the theme you choose will work with where you are hosting the baby shower.

It's a Boy Baby Shower
When you know mommy-to-be is going to deliver a baby boy, there is no easier theme than decorating the room blue. Think boyish. cars, trucks, airplanes, boats and rockets are all great. If you're going to do balloons, make them blue and white.

Baby Noah's Ark (for Twins)
Decorate tables with twin stuffed animals. Each table should have a different set of animals. Elephants, lions, giraffes, etc. If you are assigning tables, you can have fun with this theme by writing the animal table the guest should be seated at. Everyone giving baby shower gifts can bring two of the same items (remember they can be as small as baby spoons, diapers, and more of the practical baby ware!

Nursery Rhyme Baby Shower
Decorate the invitation and baby shower based on your favorite nursery rhymes. Your invitations can begin with 'Once upon a time.' Decorations include Jack and Jill, a cow jumping over a moon, Humpty Dumpty, and other favorites. Children's books can also be used to decorate the tables and there are great nursery rhyme games to go with the theme.

Pretty in Pink Baby Shower
The perfect traditional baby shower theme when mommy-to-be knows that she's having a baby girl. Your baby shower invitations can be pink. Decorate the party location girly and pink! Pink and white balloons look great all around the room. Serve pink lemonade or punch.

Teddy Bear Baby Shower
Decorate the room with teddy bear pattern tablecloth and decorations. Sit teddy bears in the center of each table and in other locations around the room. Buy Gummy Bear candies to decorate the tables and bake teddy bear shaped cookies to serve during dessert.

Life Theme
The whole idea of a baby shower is amazing. Thinking about the new life that is coming to new parents (or veteran parents) is such an amazing experience. The symbol of life can be the theme of the baby shower where decorations are focused around living things and baby things such as chicks, plants, the world, etc. The centerpieces can be small plants or seeds that the guests at the baby shower can take home and plant to represent the new life as well as grow a living thing.

Dress Up Baby Shower (As seen on Halloween Online)
A fun way to celebrate a baby shower is to come dressed in costume (especially during Halloween). Come as your favorite nursery rhyme character, a baby item, favorite cartoon character, or anything that fits into the baby shower theme. The mommy-to-be can have fun with her costume since she can make her stomach a basketball, next, bowling ball, beer belly, etc. We have been told by many baby shower October party goers that dress up is fun and makes a memorable baby shower!

The Fall season is always filled with great holiday celebrations including Thanksgiving, Halloween and a few religious holidays. When you add the celebration of a new baby, it makes it even more special! A baby shower that takes place in October has a unique element being that it is the month when many of us focus on dressing up with our kids. An interesting baby shower theme during October is to have all the guests dress up in costume to celebrate the birth of the new little one!

Baby showers that have the dress up component can be free flowing where everyone can choose anything that they want to wear to the baby shower. Another plan is to have everyone dress up in a theme which offers a little more control to the baby shower party! Some of the more common yet still fun ideas include:

Nursery Rhyme Theme (Someone coming as mother goose, little bo peep, etc)
Favorite Book Theme (Someone coming as Dr. Seuss, Moon from Goodnight Moon, etc)
Dr. Seuss Theme
Favorite Cartoon Theme
Sports Theme (if it is a boy)
Barbie or Doll Theme/Pink Theme (if it is a girl)
Baby Object Theme (Someone coming as bottle, diaper, etc)
Favorite Mother Theme (Someone comes as Mother Earth, Mother Teresa, etc)
Alice in Wonderland or Willie Wonka Theme

The idea of dressing up just ads a little more fun and vivid memories of the baby shower as well as gets everyone excited about Halloween which is just around the corner. An important part of planning a dress up baby shower is to send invites out early to make sure the guests have enough time to plan their outfits. In addition, it is always nice to ask the mommy-to-be if she is okay with a dress up baby shower since it is really her day!

Baby showers that incorporate dress up also make it fun to have a co-ed baby shower party so significant others can dress as well, sometimes complimenting their partner with their costume. Any way you decide on having the party, the most important thing is to have a great time and make sure the Mommy-to-Be is having a ball! Have a great baby shower!

Baby Scrapbooking
Have all the girls either meet at a house or a scrapbook store for the baby shower festivities. Each baby shower guest can make a page for a photo album that you present to the mommy-to-be. This is a creative way and a personalized way to offer the new parents something they can use and show forever. As soon as their are pictures to add, the mommy-to-be will be reminded what her and her friends created at the baby shower!

Sports Theme
A sports baby shower theme is great for a baby boy and decorating for this theme is tons of fun for sports fans. Your baby shower invitations and place cards can look like game tickets. Decorate in the colors of the mommy-to-be's hometown or favorite team. Balloons and crepe streamers in the home team's colors can be used to decorate the room. You can hang the names, jerseys and posters of local teams on the walls, place Nerf balls on all of the tables and buy sports candies of all sorts of shapes to spread across the tables as well. Finally, pick mommy-to-be's favorite sport (or daddy's) and make a cake in the shape of the sport's ball (baseball, football, basketball, hockey, etc.) or in the shape of a bat, hockey stick, etc.

Super Bowl Theme
For those parties that are couples or for the father to be, it may be fun during the Superbowl or general football season to have a Super Bowl baby shower. For the invitations, you can get tons of inexpensive blue plastic footballs and glued plastic babies, safety pins, etc. to them. Make a hole in one corner and looped a ribbon with a pastel colored index card attached to it that has the shower information typed on it. On the invitation, instructed everyone to wear their favorite football jersey or be prepared to be baby'd (buy adult diapers, mini tees and bottles for all those that aren't wearing jerseys).

You can purchase or decorate serving trays and cups shaped like footballs and football themed decorations from a dollar store, and then added the same plastic babies, bottles and safety pins used from the invitations to anything you want. Reserve the recliner for the dad-to-be in the middle of the room right in front of the big screen with a TV table next to it to place all the baby shower gifts.

One great game is called "Quarter Back". For the whole game, all the guys have to watch the game in absolute silence: no yelling, no cheering, nothing. If you do yell out, there is a baby's piggy bank in the middle of the room, into which you have to deposit a quarter for every offense. This is a great way to start the savings for the baby!

Another game is called "Receiving End", where each man is given a life size plastic baby doll that has an "accident" in his diaper. Each guy has to try to take off the old diaper, wipe, baby powder or desitin, and put on a new diaper all while watching the game. Some of the babies will be rigged (you can place extra fluid in the bodies and making sure they have holes in between the legs) so that they can make a little extra surprise when the old diaper comes off and the new one goes on! Super Bowl will never be the same after playing these games and it makes a great baby shower experience! Thanks again to Dal for these fantastic baby shower ideas!

Baby Shower Under The Sea Theme
An Under The Sea party can be very fun! Use sea shells, tissue paper as sea weed and cut outs of little schools of fish on the wall. Create a pregnant fish or mermaid on the wall. The baby shower centerpieces can be decorative with cut out coral, sea anemones, and shells with a Styrofoam base with glued on sand. You can also use treasure chests and fill them with baby shower treasures of diapers, rattles, onesies and other baby shower items that are helpful for the mommy to be. Have cut out shells that people can write their baby advice for the parents to be on. Place aquatic confetti on the tables and serve pasta shells, sushi rolls and blue punch. For candy, get Swedish fish jellies as well as goldfish for snacks. Play sea related music like "Under the Sea" and "Somewhere Under the Sea" to set the mood along with The Little Mermaid movie playing.


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