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Baby Shower


The baby shower theme will set the tone for party and help you organize the baby shower. The baby shower theme will make ordering invitations, planning decorations and deciding which games to play simple. You have lots of choices, so we have assembled a list some of the most popular baby shower themes to help you. Remember when choosing a baby shower theme to consider what the mommy-to-be will like, what your guests will enjoy and if the theme you choose will work with where you are hosting the baby shower.

Eco-Friendly Green - Baby Shower
A Green Baby Shower is a celebration of life. Demonstrate this theme by decorating with potted plants and flowers. Natural greenery will add a nice feel to your shower venue. Organic Baby gifts are perfect for Eco conscious parents, using natural, BPA-free teethers, pacifiers and organic toys in beautiful baskets make terrific decorations.

Holidays Themes
A holiday themed baby shower can create a very festive event. Click here for some great holiday themed baby shower ideas!

A Star is Born
Celebrate the little star on the way by decorating the baby shower with stars and moons. Decorate with silver, yellow and blue colors with star-shaped items and glitter for stardust. Create star stencils and write cute information on each star (i.e., parents to be names, grandparent’s names, “it’s a boy”, etc). Have each baby shower attendee write a message on stars (advice for the new parents or congratulatory messages and collect them).

Baby Animals
Bring out all of your stuffed animals to use as decorations, play a game of "baby animal match", serve pigs in a blanket as appetizers and send your guests home with decorated bags of animal cookies! Who doesn't love little baby animals?

Baby Safety Shower
Plan the baby shower around the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s Baby Safety How-To Kit Checklist of 12 important home safety tips for the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and other rooms. This could be one of the most important parties your guests attend. A great way to help indirectly prepare the new parents and a very useful baby shower while having fun!

Baby Shower Baskets
Ask the women invited to the baby shower to bring a gift basket. Everything in the gift basket should be part of a theme. Themes that can be used include baby bathtubs, teddy bears, baby toys, baby safety, etc. It's fun to see what everyone brings with this baby shower theme!

Book Baby Shower
Ask each guest to bring a favorite book. Guests can talk about their memories of their favorite baby books. Mommy-to-be will receive a wonderful assortment of books to start baby's library.

Cartoon Baby Shower
Everyone chooses their favorite cartoon character they were brought up with and brings something for the baby with that cartoon character on it. All the decorations have cartoon characters from new and old. The cake, streamers, table cloths and more all would have cartoon characters. Have cartoons playing on a television or a cd with cartoon theme music. A great baby shower theme!

Couples Baby Shower
Couples baby showers are becoming more and more popular. Don't decorate too cutesy to make the men feel more comfortable. Have fun with the guys especially with the games by dividing into teams, women versus men.

Diapers Baby Shower
All new parents know how quickly mommy-to-be will go through diapers. Send invitations shaped like diapers with a safety pin. Every guest is asked to bring a package of diapers and decorate the cake in the shape of a package of diapers. A very funny recipe that is more for the humorous crowd that doesn't gross out to easily is creating something called "baby dip poop" where you make a chip dip that has refried beans as one of the ingredients to give it the appearance of the "presents" our babies leave us :)

Ducky Baby Shower
Decorate the room with rubber duckies and ducky soaps of different sizes. Add yellow balloons and streamers. Serve food using Baby Ducky paper plates, cups and napkins. Bake a yellow cake with a big ducky floating in a pond in the center.

Baby Shower Surprise Party Theme
Everyone loves a surprise party. Make sure not to scare the mommy-to-be but plan a baby shower without her knowing and surprise her with a great party full of memories! This is becoming more popular as the new mommy-to-be will be grateful when arriving that all of her loved ones are there and pulled off the baby shower without her knowing about it! Dress up the room with great baby shower decorations and fun baby shower games! Restaurants are always a popular place to have the baby shower!

Mad Hatter Baby Shower
Have all the guests at the baby shower wear a hat and call it the Mad Hatter Baby Shower Tea party! You are sure to get some laughs at how the baby shower guests come in some funny hats. Make sure to take lots of pictures as it will be a memorable party! Tell everyone they have to keep their hat on for the entire party or make a donation to the new baby!

Religious Baby Shower Theme
If you wish to add a spiritual aspect to your baby shower, consider making it a theme.


Baby shower party planners, go green by planning and hosting an environmentally friendly baby shower. Also, some green products can cost a lot of green, so also encourage guests to buy the mommy-to-be green gifts.

For starters, for invitations it’s easy to go paperless. is great for baby shower invitations – it’s free and there are lots of designs or you can design your own. It will track your RSVPs and it’s really fun to see what people write when they respond. Staying online, many people use Facebook to setup baby showers, which also has the added benefit of everyone easily “friending” one another to stay in touch after the shower and sharing congratulations. If you’re really with the latest technology, you might even tweet about the baby shower on your Twitter account. Make sure your invite message mentions it’s a “green” baby shower!

If you decide to print or buy invitations, use recycled stock paper. You can find great designs to print your own and there are now tons of beautiful cards printed on recycled stock.

If you’re hosting the baby shower inside someone’s home, decorate the room with flowers and plants in small pots. They make great centerpieces and can be given to guests as game prizes and party favors. Use other natural, biodegradable materials. You can also decorate with soy candles placed inside baby food jars. Green M&Ms across the tables are sure to delight the guests. Alternative choices to the home for green baby showers include the beach, a park or someone’s backyard if they have a nice garden.

When it comes time to serving food, if you’re at a home do your best to not use paper products. This is pretty simple if you make it a tea and serve on China or nice dinnerware. Drinks can be served in glasses. If you must go with paper products, choose recycled. As for the food, choose organic fruits, vegetables and other ingredients. You may be able to make an outing with your co-hosts to a local Farmers Market to pickup salad, apples, fresh herbs and spices, etc.

For fun, use games printed on recycled paper. A fun game is to time guests while they try to list as many green celebrities as they can – bonus points for what the celebs do to help the environment.

The baby registry is obviously for the mommy-to-be to decide, but if she is environmentally conscious, chances are she will register for organic and eco-friendly gifts at stores like Babies R Us, Target and specialty baby boutique stores. Encourage guests to buy green wherever possible. Mommy-to-be can also register at online stores, and if she’s okay with including a registry note in the invite (see baby shower etiquette), you can make everyone happy by telling the guests they will save gas and their time by ordering online. Baby shower guests can buy organic cotton clothing, blankets, etc. and gifts made from recycled materials. Depending how mommy-to-be feels about hand me downs, these also make great green gifts since babies usually outgrown clothes before they look bad and most toys are good for hand me downs. Books are perhaps the best hand me down.

Ask guests to wrap gifts in recycled bags or boxes. Wrapping a present inside a baby blanket is a cute idea. You can also place baby shower gifts in pretty baskets and boxes that the mommy-to-be will be able to use in her nursery.

For baby shower thank you notes, party favors, or even invitations, you might consider new “plantable” paper. After they are used, this great paper can be planted to grow into plants or flowers.

When it comes time to clean up, remember to recycle! Enjoy your green baby shower!


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