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Baby Shower Game PrizesMany people have written in, asking what types of baby shower prizes should be given out and what the etiquette is for who receives the prizes. We will answer these important questions below:

Traditionally, only the mommy-to-be and the person(s) who threw the baby shower would receive gifts and thank you's. Over the years, as baby shower games have become more popular, there are now prizes that are given out to the baby shower participants. The important factor if giving out prizes is that it is not about expensive prizes and gifts as much as something meaningful. Below we have listed our more popular ideas for baby shower prizes:

Scented Candles
A nice and inexpensive gift for a baby shower prize.

Engraved Picture Frame
Purchase a nice small picture frame and have it engraved with the date and event for great memories.

Designer Tea or Coffee
Everyone loves a little designer caffeine. You can find inexpensive packs and baskets which make great baby shower gifts and prizes.

Baby Symbolic Paperweight
A cute idea is to get a paperweight in the shape of a baby bottle, buggy, silver spoon or something else that signifies the event.

Everyone loves paper and extra cards to send out.

Massage or Hand Lotion/Oils
Find some great scented lotions and make your guests happy they won.

Small Gift Certificate
In this economy, a gift certificate is always nice to win as a baby shower prize.

Designer Candy
Who doesn't love Godiva or some excellent dark chocolate from Europe. You can find these morsels in any department store. You can also place the candy in a baby bottle for effect.

Flowers or small Gift Basket
A beautiful way to offer some great smelling and colorful prizes.

A delightful baby shower prize that helps relax your baby shower winner.

Baby Shower Gag Gifts
When playing baby shower games, baby shower booby prizes are always a lot of fun. Instead of only awarding prizes to the winners, it would be fun to prank the loser. The loser can choose from any of the following:

1) Wear an adult disposable diaper for 30 minutes (or towel held up by rubber bands on the sides)
2) Receive a little girl or little boy hairdo that must be worn for the remainder of the shower
3) Keep a pacifier in their mouth for 15 full minutes
4) Wear a bib for the remainder of the shower
5) Drink a bottle of any beverage until it is empty
6) Eat a jar of baby food

These baby shower gags can also be played on the winner to be funny. Thanks to baby shower visitor Becky A. for some fun ideas!

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We hope you find that these baby shower prize ideas are helpful. Please email us at to give us more ideas to add. Have a great baby shower.

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We hope these baby shower games give you a great start in creating the fun at the baby shower!





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