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Baby Shower

Baby Shower Planning, a Step-By-Step Guide to Hosting a Successful Baby Shower

Hosting a successful baby shower comes down to planning and organization. The following timeline and step-by-step planning guide will help you organize and prepare a successful baby shower, stay in control during the baby shower party and ensure the mommy-to-be has the time of her life.

To print out a Baby Shower Planning Checklist, turn on your printer, click here to bring up the checklist, when the checklist comes up, click the "File --> Print Option" in your browser).

Also, for an example of the itinerary on how to plan a baby shower in order of events, click here!

If you are planning on going away for the baby shower, here is a great travel checklist to use that also includes if you are traveling with little ones.

Long Distance Baby Shower
If you are having a long distance baby shower, here are some great ideas.

Have a Baby-Que
A fun idea is to have families come to the baby shower as well as couples and have a cookout or what we call Baby-Que. Play baby shower games such as "name the family member" (where you ask questions that no-one may know about the mommy-to-be and daddy to be and their families) to see if someone knows who the question is about (i.e., Who was in a rock band in college, Who graduated with honors, who wanted to be an astronaut). Cook up some hot dogs and hamburgers while listening to your favorite tunes. This is a less formal baby shower but lots of fun for everyone (and no baby sitter is needed if you have little ones). Thanks to Melanie for this great baby shower planning idea!

Baby Shower Co-Ed Parties
If you are having your baby shower with both men and women, we have some great baby shower co-ed tips for you by clicking here. Baby Shower Cover Charge - When having co-ed baby showers, it is fun to instate a cover-charge the guys who are attending the baby shower like you see at a club. Instead of money, the guys can get into the baby shower by bringing either diapers for a newborn, onesies, or pacifiers and rattles. This makes the party fun and helps the new parents out with much needed supplies.

Creating the Baby Shower Guest List
The first step to planning and hosting a successful baby shower is to create a guest list. Creating the initial guest list will help you get an idea of how many people will be ultimately be invited to the baby shower, which is the biggest factor in what your shower budget will be.

It's always a good idea to find out if mommy-to-be is going to have other baby showers hosted for her by another family member or friend. Talk to the mommy-to-be's family members about the other shower dates and invite list. Other than her family members, you do not need to invite people that are attending the mommy-to-be's other showers unless you want to.

Make sure you have up-to-date addresses and phone numbers for everyone. Type out your guest, including addresses and phone numbers. You will be able to use the potential guest list to keep track of RSVPs and give it to the mommy-to-be so she has everyone's correct address to send Thank You cards.

Budgeting for the Baby Shower
We suggest that you determine your baby shower budget early in your planning process. It will determine the location of the baby shower, its menu, decorations and more. If you have a smaller budget, don't worry - you have options:

Baby Shower PlanningIf you have a smaller group, your home or someone else's may be a good option. Location and food are typically the biggest costs, so if you're able to host the baby shower at a home, you will save a significant portion of your budget that be reallocated to food, decorations, etc.

If you have a large guest list, you may want to look for co-hosts because you're likely going to need to host the baby shower at a restaurant. Good co-hosts can be other close friends of mommy-to-be or her family members. Family members may even just contribute money. Once you have a budget, you should make a list of all of the baby shower costs.

Even with budgeting, make sure to remember to remind the father-to-be that it is customary to get his significant other a "push present" which can be anything from a sentimental small gift to mothers necklace and some wonderful personalized necklaces.

Choose a Baby Shower Theme
Decide what type of theme you want for the baby shower. It will set the tone of the party and may impact where you host the baby shower, as well as its menu and decorations. Baby shower themes can be as simple as blue or pink if you know the sex of the baby. It's important to consider what mommy-to-be's style is and what theme she will like. You might also want to take the guest list into account. Click here to visit our baby shower themes page for help in deciding the best theme for the mommy-to-be's baby shower.

Determine the Baby Shower Date
You will want to host the baby shower on a Saturday or Sunday between four to eight weeks before the baby is due. With baby's due date in mind, decide on a few dates that you can host the baby shower. Contact important guests, especially out of town family, to make sure they are available on dates you have in mind. Remember that Friday night and Saturday baby shower parties are usually more expensive than Sundays if you are having it at a location other than a home.

Choose Baby Shower Location
The number one rule is to make sure that the baby shower location is large enough to accommodate your guest list. No matter if you have the baby shower at a home, restaurant, hotel or rented space, make sure everything is planned and it will be an excellent shower!

You will save a considerable amount of your budget if you will be hosting the baby shower at a home. However, you will spend money on plates, napkins, cups, eating utensils, and possibly table rentals.

If you will be hosting the baby shower at a restaurant, start looking for locations early. You will want to call and even visit locations to make sure it will accommodate your group, works with your theme and serves food that mommy-to-be and your guests will enjoy. Make sure you also consider whether the location you choose will match your shower theme and allow you to decorate it.

Order Baby Shower Invitations
At least 8 weeks before your baby shower, you should be finalizing your baby shower guest list. After sending out the baby shower invitations, if you have not received RSVPs from some invited guests, call those who have not yet responded. When you begin to look at baby shower invitations, remember that your invitations should:

  • Match your theme

  • Include its location, date, time, your phone number and the RSVP date
    (which should be about seven days before the baby shower).

  • Include a map to the event location

  • Send invitations five or six weeks before the event.

Choosing the Baby Shower Menu
Baby showers have lots of menu options. You can serve appetizers or a full meal.

If you're hosting the baby shower at a restaurant you will need to work with someone at the restaurant on the menu. If you're unable to visit the restaurant, which we suggest you do if you haven't been there, ask them to fax you their party menu. The restaurant may be able to provide food in a sit down setting or put out a buffet, and they may even be able to help you match the menu to your shower theme.

If you're hosting the baby shower at a home you can choose to cater, make your own food, or a combination of both. If you are having the baby shower catered, ask the caterer to fax you a menu. Again, you will have the option of setting up a buffet or cooking a sit down menu. Just leave room for cake! Click here to visit our baby shower menu page for tips on choosing the right menu including the Top 10 Easy Finger Foods for Baby Showers.

Buy Baby Shower Decorations and Supplies
You're going to want to buy balloons, streamers and other decorations. But if you're hosting the baby shower at a restaurant, find out what decorations they allow.

If you're not hosting the baby shower at a restaurant, you're also going to need plates, napkins, cups and eating utensils. Make sure you have enough napkins and forks for appetizers and cake as well as making sure you have cups for both hot and cold liquids. Visit our Baby Shower Decorations section for more information!

Baby Shower Games and Prizes
Baby Shower 101 has assembled a most comprehensive collection of baby shower games on the Internet. Visit the baby shower games page for lots of great baby show game ideas.

Tips: 1) Be sure you have writing utensils for everyone, 2) Wrap games prizes and 3) Make sure to have extra prizes in case of tie games.

Buy Baby Shower Party Favors
The baby shower party favors are one of those nice touches to finish off your successful baby shower. Party favors can go with the theme or not. Some popular baby shower gifts include:

  • Fill-able baby bottles

  • Jelly Belly It's a boy/girl candy

  • Mini pacifier sweet tarts

  • Baby feet Lollipops

  • Personalized candy bar wrappers

Favor Favor Baby has hundreds of inexpensive baby shower favors available!

Cyber Shower
For those that may live too far out of town to make it to the baby shower, a great new idea for this millennium is to have a Cyber Shower. Invite your baby shower guests that can be in person and decorate one of your rooms with baby shower decorations. Make sure to have a webcam (which are very inexpensive) and a laptop to make this happen (as well as the guests that will be participating from another location). Play baby shower games and eat just like if you were with the mommy-to-be in person. When it was time to open gifts, you could open them with her looking on which is a cool experience from anywhere in the world! Thanks to Pat for this excellent idea!

Baby Boy Circumcision - Recently, Christina Aguilera told Ellen Degeneres about her son Max's circumcision where she stated that, "It was a very sweet experience. We had a lot of close friends come over and experience the bris with us. But we're such a non-conventional couple - we put penis shaped balloons up everywhere!". This is a very funny idea for those who are non-conservative as it is a novel idea! You can get these and other fun novelties from the site at

Welcome Baby Shower
There are many reasons why some mommy and daddy's to be prefer having a baby shower after the baby is born. Welcome baby showers are becoming more popular where a party is thrown after the mom is out of the hospital and has time to recuperate. Throwing a welcome shower is fun as you will already know what gender the baby is as well as the name.

It is fun to have the baby at the shower (even though most of it for them will be sleeping). It is important to make sure the mommy-to-be is involved as she may be a little tired and stressed at having people over if too soon after the birth. Baby shower gifts can still be given prior to the Welcome shower by mailing them or dropping them off if they are functional and can be used when the baby comes home. Some friends and family like throwing both a baby shower before the baby is born as well as a welcome shower after to make sure they parents have everything they need and to get them the baby supplies they may still be missing in the house.

Father To Be Party
Throwing a baby shower does not only have to be for the women or co-ed. Have the guys get together for a Beer and Diaper party. When the women are having the shower the father-to-be can host a bbq at his house and he can provide the hot dogs and the baby shower guests can bring their own beverages and diapers. It is nice because they usually receive enough diapers to last about 6 months! Thanks to Kim from Vermont for this baby shower planning idea!

Come-'n-Go Baby Shower
This is a great idea if you are having a lot of people or having it at a work party. The come-'n-go baby shower would consist of having the food ready, decorations up and having a baby shower host who opens the party at a certain time and states that everyone should come between the hours you set for the party. People can come visit with the mommy to be, drop off any baby shower present they would like to give (optional) and then eat and go. Usually, baby shower games would not be played and there can be a set time to open baby shower presents (unless the mommy to be wants to open them as they come in prior to the baby shower guests leaving who brought the gifts). The mommy-to-be can also not open the gifts until the party is over and open them with family or the friends that want to be present. In today's day and age, the baby shower Come-'n-go parties are becoming a hit.

Baby shower slide show
A great baby shower idea is to create a slide show of the parents to be, leading up to this great day and the soon-to-be birth. You can include such pictures as:

  • The soon-to-be parents own baby showers (when they were being born)

  • Both of the soon-to-be parents as babies (especially funny pictures)

  • Growing up pictures

  • Together pictures with your significant other

  • Pregnancy pictures in different stages

  • You and your friends

  • Babies soon to be room

  • Recent pictures of the mommy-to-be

Place music behind the baby shower slide show including the mommy's favorite bands and artists plus songs that include the word baby in it. You can even throw in some funny Barney, Mr. Rodgers, Disney and Sesame Street music.

Surprise Baby Shower
We see a trend of more and more baby shower family members and friends throwing a surprise baby shower for the mommy or parents to be. Careful planning takes place as to not let the mommy-to-be know of the shower but it can be a great time for all. It is important for baby shower invitations to note that it is a surprise party and to get there early!



These are only a few items we suggest. Visit our Links pages for other great ideas for baby shower favors.


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