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Baby Shower for MenBaby showers for men are becoming more popular lately, even though the original tradition was for the girls to get together for a shower. When having an all dude party, here are some suggestions in having a great time:

Have the guys get together for a Beer and Diaper party. When the women are having the shower, the father-to-be can host a bbq at his house and he can provide the hot dogs and the baby shower guests can bring their own beverages and diapers. It is nice because they usually receive enough diapers to last about 6 months!

Have the baby shower party at a sports bar, favorite restaurant, go bowling, beach day, to your favorite golf course, or at a favorite concert. You don't have to be traditional to have a baby shower, have some fun and live it up while the father-to-be is still getting at least some sleep before the little one comes.

Play some baby shower guy games. Our favorites are the following:

The Diaper Change
Fill diapers up with apple juice and melted chocolate and place on some baby dolls. Get new diapers and have the guys race to clean the baby's wet/soiled diaper and then replace with a new one. You will get loads of laughs out of this one.

Guess the chocolate
Fill up different diapers with melted chocolate from 6 of your favorite candy bars. Have each guy smell each diaper and guess which chocolate is in each. Have them write down their answers and see who wins. You can be real gross and have them taste each one!

Baby Shower Betting
Guys love to bet so have different wagers start including the following:

What day will the baby be born?
What time will the baby be born?
How many pounds will the baby weigh?

Baby Toy Assembly Race
For those of you guys who enjoy a competition, purchase two baby/toddler toys that need to be assembled (e.g., a riding toy, bicycle, doll house) supply a bunch of different tools or even better if you have them use a butter knife instead of a screwdriver (sure to get a lot of laughs when they look and look for the flat head screwdriver, and realize there isn't one). Place baby shower guests into two different teams and see how fast they can complete the assembly. The losing team has to buy the rounds!

Baby Shower Poker
Get a poker table (or make one) and have the guys who want to play bring a package of diapers and $10 each as the buy in for the game. The winner gets to keep the money and the Daddy gets all the diapers! This is an excellent daddy to be baby shower game for the guys! Thanks to Amanda for this great game! This also makes a great co-ed baby shower game.

Check out our baby shower games page for more information.

Out for a night of drinking and hazing. Some guys like to have a party for anything. Take the father-to-be out like he was having a bachelor party and dress him up as a little baby. Have all the guys with baby pacifier candy and shirts that say "Whose your daddy". This will be the last time the father-to-be will be out with his friends that late when the new ones comes :)

When playing baby shower games, baby shower booby prizes are always a lot of fun. Instead of only awarding prizes to the winners, it would be fun to prank the loser. The loser can choose from any of the following:

1) Wear an adult disposable diaper for 30 minutes (or towel held up by rubber bands on the sides)
2) Receive a little girl or little boy hairdo that must be worn for the remainder of the shower
3) Keep a pacifier in their mouth for 15 full minutes
4) Wear a bib for the remainder of the shower
5) Drink a bottle of any beverage until it is empty
6) Eat a jar of baby food

These baby shower gags can also be played on the winner to be funny. Thanks to baby shower visitor Becky A. for some fun ideas!

We hope these baby shower father-to-be ideas help in planning your male baby shower. Let us know if you have any other suggestions by emailing us at

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