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Baby Shower


To start the baby shower excitement, baby shower invitations are a big part in the baby shower planning process! Depending on the mood, theme, season, sex of the baby (if known), the Mommy and Daddy to be's interests, you can have a fun and creative time planning the baby shower invitations. Important information regarding baby shower invitations are listed below.

We have the top baby shower invitations so we can have people go more quickly to this page.

When to send out baby shower invitations - It is important to mail baby shower invitations four to five weeks in advance to allow the baby shower guests ample time for baby shower gift purchasing. If you have family and friends coming out of town, you may want to coordinate with them earlier so you can make sure they have enough time to come out and join in on the festivities!

The first questions to ask are:

How many people are attending
Are there any themes
Are there any creative people that are helping plan that want to create the invites
What types of things does the mommy-to-be like?

With many different styles of baby shower invitations available, you can have fun browsing and personalizing different baby shower designs. The ability to preview, add, and change the text on a baby shower invitation has come a long way, allowing you to customize baby shower invitations like never before.

Travel to a card store and check out the baby shower invitations they have to either decide to purchase them or to create something like them. If you purchase the baby shower invitations, make sure to give yourself enough time to order them and send them out. The baby shower invitations should go out around two months in advance and the guests should have at least two weeks to reply, as well as some time to invite anyone else that was on an alternate list.

Make sure to include the following information on the baby shower invite:

Name of Mommy-To-Be and host(s)
Directions (important)
Phone number in case questions
Where the Mommy-To-Be is registered for baby shower supplies
Theme of the party (if chosen)
Dress (formal or casual)
Let the guests know if there is anything they need to bring

International Baby Shower Invitations - It is still customary to invite those who may not be able to attend the baby shower due to their location. Everyone likes being invited and a baby shower invitation can make that person feel included! It also usually triggers them to send a baby shower gift. With technology many can set up Skype or a video camera so those that are out of town can join in on the fun at the baby shower. We love hearing that our troops overseas can participate if you know of someone who is protecting our freedom and wants to be involved in the shower!


Here are some great baby shower invitation theme ideas for your baby shower planning. There are so many ways to be creative with the invitations. Many baby shower planners like to tie in the baby shower invitations with the theme of the shower and baby shower poems are great to use as the wording of invitations. Below we have listed some of the more popular baby shower invitation ideas. I hope they are helpful.

Choosing a theme or design for your baby shower invitations might not always be an easy task. Some examples of themes are couples baby showers, diapers, teddy bears, tea parties...

Sentimental Baby Shower Invitation Idea - Send out the invitations and ask for everyone to write a quote or advice for the parents-to-be. Have someone create or purchase a baby shower memory book and place each person's sentiments in the book along with the pictures you take at the baby shower!

Going Green for the Baby Shower - Some people today are not purchasing baby shower invitations to save money and paper by going to online sites like E-vite and creating their own invitations. Of course the traditional way is to send out baby shower invitations and get the rsvp's which is fun!

Baby Bassinet Invitations - baby bassinet with baby inside decorates this baby shower invitation baby boys or a girls, two bassinets are also cute for twins.

Baby Bib Invitations - make a baby shower invitation in the shape of a bib, great for boy or girl baby showers.

Baby Blocks Invitations - ABC and 123 blocks decorate this invitation that's great for both baby boys and girls.

Baby Bottle Invitations - your baby shower invitation can be in the shape of a baby bottle or decorate the edges of the baby shower invitation cute little baby bottles.

Baby Carriage Invitations - adorable baby carriages decorate this baby shower invitation that can be used for a baby boy or a girl, also fun to show two baby carriages for twins or three carriages for triplets.

Baby Shower "baby" Invitations - It is always cute to send out baby shower invitations with actual pictures of babies or clip art pictures of babies. If you know the sex of the baby, make it a baby boy or baby girl on the baby shower invitations.

Stork Invitations - There is nothing like a stork on your baby shower invitations that symbolizes a new birth. There are many cute cards on the market that have a picture of a stork delivering a baby or with cute captions!

Baby Items Invitations - Some of the cutest cards I have seen have multiple baby items (bib, burp cloth, diapers, basket with towels, onesies, etc.) to signify the baby shower is coming! Many are in "blue" or "pink" to signify the sex of the baby. A very cute baby shower invitation idea.

Cute Animals - A furry teddybear or butterflies are always nice to see on baby shower invitations. Any little furry animal (well almost any) are cute to place on baby shower invitations and can be very cute!

Baby Shoes Invitations - There is almost nothing cuter than baby shoes since they are so small and signify a new baby is on the way or already here. I used baby shower invitations that had shoes and were very cute.

Baby Bottle Invitations - Purchase some small baby bottles to send out the invitations. Open each bottle and toss in some confetti. Write the invitation out on a long skinny piece of paper that will fit in the bottle. roll it up, tie it with a ribbon and place the invite inside bottle. The lids snap in place pretty snugly, but you can add a bit of hot glue to make sure they don't come off if you like. Thanks to Mary for this great baby shower invitation idea!

Baby Shower Invitation: Ultrasound - Take an ultrasound picture when visiting the doctor and scan it in your computer or take it to a copy place like Kinko's. Make multiple copies and write the information for the baby shower on the back of the picture. A very creative baby shower invitation idea by Debra!

Baby Guessing Superstitions - If the parents-to-be do not know the sex of the baby as of yet, have the baby shower guests write on their baby shower invitations RSVP's, old wives' tales about how to tell the gender of the baby. At the baby shower, read each of the wise tales and even try them out for fun! The necklace one (hold a necklace in front of someone and see how it spins, then hold it in front of mom's belly and see if it spins the same way, if so, the baby's gender is the same as the guests, if not it's the opposite gender) is always popular and eerily correct. Write down the results and compare them when the baby is born. Thanks to Monica for this wonderful baby shower invitation idea.






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