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Baby Shower 101 is your number one source for planning a baby shower. Our free baby shower information will help you plan every aspect including baby shower ideas, games, party favors, drinks invitations and food for your baby shower. From shower invitations to the party games, we'll help make your baby shower a very memorable one. Baby Shower 101 will handle all of your baby shower needs!
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Baby Shower Gifts - OrganicOrganic baby clothing and other cotton products
Are you environmentally conscious? Do you already do your share of staying green? Those "in the know" understand that being green does mean sacrificing quality. You can decrease our carbon footprint by using (or baby shower gifts) eco-friendly clothes, blankets and more that are healthy for babies and beautifully and organically made. Many green baby clothes are silk-screened with low impact water based dyes, so they are chemical/chlorine free (they don't irritate the baby's skin) and are non-toxic. They also use either 100% organic cotton or 100% bamboo. These products are so soft and get even softer the more they are worn and washed. These products make great baby shower gifts.

Here are just some of the organic cotton or sustainable bamboo baby shower gift products you can find:

Baby blankets (organic cotton fleece)
Cloth Diapers
Changing pad
Bath towels
Baby bedding
Sheets and pillows
Slings and carries
Sleep sacks
Tote bags

Organic Baby Toys
Looking for green baby shower gifts - toys for the baby on the way? Lots of toys today are made with organically grown cotton, natural wood and even recycled materials. Some companies will accept material you provide to make great products. You might use big brother's old favorite baby blanket to create a new cherished teddy bear for his baby sibling. The possibilities are endless for baby shower gifts that are green!

Here are a bunch of green baby shower gift ideas:

Soft blocks made from organic cotton
Soft baby animals made with 100% cotton or recycled material
Natural wood items made from green certified hardwoods including blocks, rattles, toy cars, puzzles and more
Wood rocking horse
Baby Shower blanket made of organic cotton
  Eco-friendly furniture and baby shower decorations

Help protect the environment by buying baby nursery furniture and baby shower decorations that are eco-friendly. Green baby furniture and toys include:

Natural, hand-made wood cribs
Mattresses made with organic cotton, 100% latex and pure wool
Changing table (natural wood) and organic cotton pad
Wood high chair, some have a vintage look
Wooden toys to help decorate the nursery
Mobiles made of natural products including wood and cotton
Wood letters that spell baby's name

We hope you find this baby shower green section is helpful as you are also helping the environment. Please email us at to help us add more ideas for other in making this world a better place for our children.

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