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121) Baby Shower Grab - (Materials: baby clothes pins, baby clothes, hangar). Place multiple baby clothes (baby pants, onesies, bibs, pj's) and hang them from clothes pins all on the same hanger. Have a baby shower participant place one hand behind his/her back and then have the baby shower participant try to remove as many of the clothes on the hanger without dropping any or dropping the clothes pins! A real fun game and even more fun when timing the baby shower game, giving all participants only one minute.

122) Baby Shower Gift Opening Bingo - (Materials: paper, pens, scissors, tape, printed off bingo cards coinciding with the number of gifts). It is traditional to have everyone watch the mommy-to-be open the baby shower gifts at the end of the shower. Sometimes, people may get bored, especially if there are a lot of gifts. A great idea is to have a baby shower game to entertain called the baby shower gift opening BINGO game. Place numbers on all the gifts and make bingo cards for every baby shower guest that is still there for the present opening. When the mommy-to-be grabs a gift, she lets everyone know the gift number and these numbers coincide with the bingo numbers. The baby shower guest(s) to get bingo wins a baby shower door prize.

123) Baby Shower Memory Game - (Materials: paper, pens and pencils). Have the mommy to be start by going around the room and saying hi to all her baby shower guests. As soon as she walks into another room, have the baby shower host ask all women to answer questions with a few ideas below:

What was the mommy-to-be wearing today (shirt, skirt, shoes)?
What is the mommy-to-be's eye color?
What is the mommy-to-be's lipstick color?
What type of earrings did the mommy-to-be have on?
Does the mommy-to-be have a tattoo?
Does the mommy-to-be have a saying on her shirt?
What brand of shirt was the mommy-to-be wearing?
Is the shirt a long sleeve or short sleeve?

The baby shower guest getting the most right wins a baby shower door prize! Thanks to Trisha F. for this wonderful baby shower game.

124) Baby Shower Game Poem - (Materials: paper with poem written on it). This is a fun icebreaker and interactive game. The baby shower host should type or write the poem on a piece of paper. She should start the game by giving the baby shower poem to one of the guests who must read the first line (#1). Each person that receives the poem thereafter must read the next number and follow its instructions. It's a great way to get everyone socializing. The person last holding the poem receives a shower gift. Click to see and print the baby shower poem Text Version * PDF Version

125) Baby Shower Thank You Game - (Materials: blank thank you cards with envelopes, stamps, basket, pens and baby shower door prize). place the empty thank you baby shower card envelopes in a basket. Ask each entering baby shower guest to fill out the envelope with their address. Have the envelopes pre-stamped and print soon to be parent(s) address as the return. Once everyone has filled out the envelopes, have the soon to be Mom or Dad pull the envelope out of a basket. The envelope she or he pulls receives a prize and all the envelopes are giving to the soon to be parents with their thank you cards ready to fill out, stamped and send. Thanks to Debbie in Denver, CO for this wonderful baby shower game and idea!

126) Do I Smell a Smelly Diaper - (Materials: Pack of Newborn Diapers, 6 different baby foods, paper, pens). Place a little baby food, different colors, different tastes (vegetables, meat, fruit), in several diapers and fold them up well. Give each baby shower guest a sheet of paper and pen/pencil. Pass each diaper around and have each baby shower guest guess what baby food is in the diaper, without opening it (just by smelling and writing it down). The baby shower guest with most correct answer wins a prize. Thank you to Roslyn for this excellent and smelly baby shower game!

127) Baby Shower Celebrity Name Game - (Materials: Copy of the sheet here, pens/pencils, timer). Print out the attached a copy of the baby shower celebrity name game here. Have the baby shower participants match the corresponding number of the celebrity to the celebrity baby. Obviously several of the celebrities will be used more than once. We want to thank Chrystal in Atlanta, GA for this great baby shower game.

128) I've Never Piggy Bank Game - (Materials: Piggy bank, money/change 10 coins, creative questions, jar of loose change). Have each baby shower participant pull out about 10 coins from their wallet. Be sure to have a change jar just in case. Have one baby shower participant start out the game with saying "I've never...." (i.e., I've never pee'd in my pants while laughing, laughed when my son/daughter was yelling at me, eaten baby food as an adult since I was starving or curious about the taste). All of the people who have done the statement will place a coin in the bank. The last person with money left gets a baby shower prize and the newborn has already started their college fund with a new piggy bank! Thanks to Stephanie for this great baby shower game!

129) "We Wish For You" Baby Shower Game - (Materials: Scrapbook Pages/Paper, Pens, Crayons, Paint, Glue, Sequence). Pre-print the baby's name, vertically, on scrapbook pages, using different types of font for each page (in the largest font size that is possible and still fit the word on the single page). Each baby shower guest receives a page and had a few minutes to write words after each letter in the name and decorate it. An example of things that were wished for the baby with an example for baby name Tessa:

*T*reasures of happiness
*E*verything your heart desires
*S*weet kisses
*S*unny days
*A*n Awesome life

All of the pages are filled out and given to the mommy for her scrapbook of the baby. It is a sweet remembrance for mommy and later, for the baby and a great baby shower memory. Thanks to Connie for this great baby shower game.

130) Baby Shower Poker - (Matrials: cards and diapers to bring for each person). This is a great baby shower game for the men and father to be. All that is needed is for everyone to purchase diapers and to have a deck of cards. Instead of chips, play with diapers (or tokens for diapers so they are not ruined). Each diaper is a dollar. At the end of the game, all of the diapers (if the right size for an infant) will be given to the parent's to be with the winner getting a baby shower gift! Lots of fun to play and a great baby shower gift. Thanks to Amy for this baby shower game and baby shower gift idea!

131) What Am I - (Materials: Paper, pens, safteypins or strong tape) - Place a baby item on each piece of paper (bottle, blanket..ect) and then as the baby shower guests arrive, place the paper on their backs without them seeing what item they were given (what baby object was drawn on the paper) . Inform the guests of the rules. You have to try to guess what you are by asking "Yes" or "No" questions about what kind of baby shower or baby item you are. The questions can not be actual names of items and must be descriptive words like texture, shape, size, color. Example: "can you use it for changing the baby.?" "is it blue?" "is it soft?" or "is it round?" When the baby shower guest figures out what the item is, then they can remove the paper off of their back. Thanks to Jenniffer for this great baby shower game!

132) Mother's Instincts - (Material: Baby Safety Pin) - Summary: Baby Shower Participant 1 - will have control over the baby safety pin Mommy-To-Be - acts as the investigator with her "motherly instincts" to solve who has the pin after all. All Baby Shower Guests- innocent baby face. One baby shower guest is selected by the baby shower host to have a safety pin without the mommy-to-be knowing who was chosen. Have all the rest of the baby shower guests sit with their hands placed together flat against each other (praying position, with finger tips pointing up). Once this has been done, the baby shower guest holding the baby shower pin will do the same with their own hands, but between their hands will be the baby safety pin. Everyone can sit in a circle with the mommy-to-be approaching each individual and asking, "do you have the pin" and see if she can instinctually figure out by non-verbal and voice who has the pin. Each baby shower participant needs to say, "(mommy-to-be's name) I do not have the pin". Everyone should keep an innocent baby face. A fun baby shower game given to us by Vanessa.

133) The Big Baby Game - (Materials: White towel (or pink or blue), big rubberbands or string) - At the begginng of the baby shower have a white towel (can be pink or blue depending on the sex of the baby) and rubberbands. Explain to the baby shower guest that the object of the baby shower game is to not cross your legs during the baby shower because a woman cannot give birth with her legs closed. Tell all your guest to scream out if they see someone with their legs crossed. The person with their legs crossed has to take the towel, place it between their legs and connect the corners and tie with big rubber band or string and repeat on other side to form a big diaper. The person with the diaper is the only one that can yell out from then on, who also has their legs crossed to then have them pass the diaper duty...and so on. This baby shower game is a blast with a lot of laughs. Thanks to Yara for this excellent baby shower game idea!

134) The Price Is Right - (Materials: Printed pictures of baby shower gift items, pens, index cards) - Break all baby shower guests into teams and show them baby shower gift items without a price. Have each team write down their answer for each product on index cards, giving them four possible prices for each item. The team with the most answered right wins. Thanks to Norma C. for this great baby shower game!

135) Feed The Baby Game - (Materials: Two plastic bowls, blindfold, big cooking spoon, cotton balls) - Get two plastic bowls. A baby shower guest is blindfolded and the host will hold one plastic bowl in front of the player. The baby shower guest is given a large spoon with the other bowl placed on the player's head. The player must hold the bowl with their free hand. The baby shower player must try to put as many cotton balls in the bowl on their head. It is so funny because even though the spoon is large (cooking spoon), the nervous player drops most of the cotton balls. The baby shower guest with the most cotton balls wins a prize. Thanks to Ms. F for this wonderful baby shower game. She also states, "At one baby shower, my cousin actually took the time to decorate an old shoe box, She closed the box with tape. cut a hole in the middle, and attached two strings of yarn with baby shoes glued to the end of the yarn. The box had eyes and hair made of curled ribbon." Cute!


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