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106) Baby Name Calling - (Materials: Name Tags, Pens) - Prepare name tags with various words of things that the mother-to-be will use during motherhood (e.g., Diaper, Pacifier, Onesie). Give guests a *name* tag when they arrive which is how they will have to be called during the Baby Shower Party. A really fun way to name call during the baby shower :) Cheers to Sally from Barking, Essex for this wonderful baby shower game!

107) Diaper Party Dad - (Materials: None other than an invite to all the father-to-be's friends) - While the mommy-to-be has a baby shower, the dad-to-be hosts a diaper party. At the party, all of his friends come to typically drink beer and play poker, but the admission to the party is a pack of diapers. Its always a nice social time for the future father, releases the other men from buying gifts (which can be a challenge for them), and makes sure the couple are stocked up on diapers. Thanks to Ashley for this wonderful idea!

108) Name the Duckies - (Materials: Paper and Pens) - For any baby ducky-themed baby shower or any baby shower for that matter, give everyone 3 minutes to think of as many types of ducks as possible. Examples include any of the duck species (Mallard, Wood Duck, Comb Duck, etc.), plus all of special, more fun ducks like:

The Aflac duck
Rubber Ducky
The Ugly Duckling
Donald Duck
Daisy Duck
Huey, Dewey and Louie and their lost brother Phooey Duck
Scrooge McDuck
Daffy Duck
Duck Dodgers
Howard the Duck
The Mighty Ducks
NHL Anaheim Ducks
Ming-Ming Duckling from the Wonderpets
Quacker from Tom and Jerry
Count Duckula the Vampire Duck
Ferdinand from the movie Babe
Disco Duck aka Rick Dees
and Long Duck Dong from Sixteen Candles

This is a really fun baby shower game for the whole group!

109) Dress The Baby - (Materials: Several rolls of toilet paper and a timer) - Divide the baby shower guests into groups of 4-5 people. Each group selected one member of the group to be the "baby". The other members of the group dressed the "baby" in a bonnet and diaper out of nothing but toilet paper. The Mommy to be judged the best outfit! Very fun and silly baby shower game! Thanks to Lakia for this great baby shower game!

110) Take Care of Baby Egg - (Materials: Hollowed Out Eggs or Easter Eggs, baby shower present, paper stuffed in one egg stating winner) - Everyone gets an egg (the fillable plastic Easter ones) to take care of. If you leave your egg unattended, some other observant momma can adopt it, and likewise, if you see an unattended egg, you should do the right thing and adopt it. Whoever has the most eggs at a set time gets a prize. Rules: You are permitted to get a babysitter for your egg(s) when you go to the rest room or whatever, but make sure it is someone you trust not to neglect your egg(s). You are not allowed put your egg in a pocket or purse or otherwise hide it. Also, as an added surprise, unbeknownst to the guests, one egg had a little paper baby inside, and whoever had that won a prize. Thanks to Linda in NY for this great baby shower game!

111) The Great Crave Game - (Materials: Paper and pens) - Have the mommy-to-be write down her cravings and have her describe them to their guests without saying the name of the food. It will give the baby shower guests a lot of laughs and reminiscing about their own "mommy wants". Thanks to Tami for this great baby shower game!

112) Baby Shower Edible Match - (Materials: index cards 44, Licorice Vine, Baby Ruth bar, Junior Mints, Milky Way, Snickers, Lifesavers, Double Mint Gum, 3 Musketeers, Sugar Daddy, Butterfingers, Score, Mounds, Almond Joy, Payday, 100 Grand, Swedish Fish, Whoppers, Dr. Pepper, Milk Duds, Goobers,  Kisses, Hugs)

You number index cards 1-44, and write these 22 different edible things on them, and then the 22 things they represent. You buy the edible items and put them in a basket. When someone gets a match, they win the edible item. It's alot of fun. Here are the items and what they represent.

1.   Super rope = umbilical cord
2.   Baby Ruth = girl
3.   Junior mints = boy
4.   Milky way = breast milk
5.   Snickers = baby's laugh
6.   Lifesavers = epidural
7.   Double mint gum = twins
8.   3 musketeers = triplets
9.   Sugar daddy = father
10. Butterfingers = Doctor's fingers
11. Score = night of conception
12. Mounds = breasts
13. Almond joy = you realize it's over/ first sight of baby
14. Payday = day of delivery
15. 100 grand = hospital bill
16. Swedish fish = sperm
17. Whoppers = contractions
18. Dr. Pepper = Doctor
19. Milk duds = non-lactating breasts
20. Goobers = baby spit up
21. Kisses = baby's kiss
22. Hugs = congratulations
23. Chunky = poopy diaper
24. Fireballs = heartburn
25. Sugar babies = newborn baby
26. Tootsie Rolls = Tiny toes

Thanks to Kim for this fantastic baby shower game!

113) Who Can Make The Best Baby - (Materials: plastic plates, playdough, baby shower confetti) - Pass out a plate, a different color ball of playdough and sprinkle confetti on each baby shower guests plate. Give everyone 5 minutes to complete the best baby they can create out of the clay. Give prizes for originality, most funny and any other baby shower award you want to give. Thanks to Shuna for this great baby shower game!

114) Balloon Baby - (Materials: skinny balloons) - Get the long skinny balloons that clowns use to make animals. blow them up and hand them out to everyone. everyone has to try and 'make a baby'. Mom-to-be gets to pick her favorite. Thanks Sarah for this great baby shower game that she stated was lots of fun b/c took people awhile to figure it out, lots of laughing!

115) "Baby Project Runway" - (Materials: baby clothing, doll clothing, stuffed animals, pens and materials) - Go to an art/hobby store or the fabric store and get a bag of scraps (or if you sew, you might have some already). Place some supplies (pens, materials, needles + thread, safety pins, scissors, etc) by a pile of stuffed animals and have everyone try and dress the stuffed animal by making a little outfits. Thanks again to Sarah for this original baby shower game idea!

116) Name That Baby - (Materials: Paper and pens) - Ask everyone to write down the mommy-to-be's name and her husband's name - their first names only. Next, ask everyone to use only the letters in the parents-to-be's names to come up with names for the baby. If they know the sex of the baby, everyone who's playing should take that into consideration. Give everyone a time limit, like around two minutes, to list as many names as possible. Whoever comes up with the most names wins a prize. It's also fun to give a gift to the person who comes up with the most unique name.

117) Sonogram Game - (Materials - Sonogram pictures, pens, paper). Have the mommy to be take at least 15 sonogram pictures of various parts of the baby and glue them to the appropriate color card blue/pink depending on the sex of the baby. Have a pointer on each picture pointing to what was a part of the baby's body. (example: ear, head, cord, private parts, spine, neck, hand, foot, leg, arm, etc.) At the baby shower, hand out the answers to everyone on a piece of paper with blank lines beside each answer. Each of the cards with the sono pictures should be numbered. Have the baby shower guests guess which parts were which and number the answer sheet accordingly. The person with the most answers wins a baby shower gift. This is a fun but difficult game; however, it had everyone talking and laughing. Great baby shower game idea from Roxanne!

118) Guess the Baby Gadget - (Materials: parts of baby products, obscure baby items, paper, pens) -Purchase some baby shower gifts that you don't mind opening (i.e., stroller, toys, breast pump, etc) and take out only a specific part of the product to see how many people can get them right. Choose around 10-20 and hold them up during the baby shower and have everyone write down what they think the product is from. This is really fun to play if having a co-ed party as the men usually have no clue in what the item is which makes it a lot of fun! Give a baby shower gift to the person getting the most right. Make sure you know which items go back in which boxes so you have functional products. This is a great baby shower game and a great way to purchase gifts you can give the parents to be after the shower is over. Thanks to Haidee in the UK for this idea!

119) Baby Shower Bag Word Scramble - (Materials: lunch bags, scissors, paper, pens) - Think of some great baby related items (pacifier, stroller, breast pump, baby shower) and write the letters on cardboard paper with a marker. Cut up the letters of each word and place them in different paper bags. During the baby shower, give each two baby shower guests a bag and have everyone figure out what words they can make with the letters they are given in each bag. The winner is the one who completes their word first. Make it more difficult by placing the word baby in front of any words like "baby pacifier", "baby buggies", "baby onesie" and let every baby shower participant know that there are two words. A great and easy baby shower game to play!

120) Baby Shower Multi Task Game - (Materials - cell phone or toy baby phone, baby clothing, clothes pins, string, baby doll). This is a great multi task game where you hand a clothes line, give the baby shower participant a baby doll and cell phone. When you say go, they must take the baby clothes and hang them up on the clothes line, old fashion style, while carrying the baby and on the cell phone (or baby phone). A great and fun baby shower game that also gives the clothing, baby phone and baby doll to the parents-to-be as a gift after the game is over. Give everyone 3 minutes and see how many clothes they can get up on the line without dropping the phone or toy baby. Thanks to Jennifer from San Antonio for this wonderful baby shower game!


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We hope these baby shower games give you a great start in creating the fun at the baby shower!




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