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91) Don't Cross Your Legs - (Materials: safety pin for each guest and yarn/string) - Give everyone at the baby shower a baby safety pin with a piece of yarn or something to wear it around their neck. Each baby shower  participant should have this from the beginning of the babyshower and if you see anyone that crosses their legs that baby shower guest can take their safety pin. The baby shower guest with the most at the end wins. You'll  notice that its so hard not to cross your legs! Thank you to Denise for this wonderful baby shower idea!

92) Baby Shower Memories - (Materials: Digital or Polaroid Camera, pens, paper, scrapbook, double stick tape). A great idea and most memorable baby shower activity/game is to have every baby shower guest to get a picture taken and write on a little paper some advice or funny information about the parents-to-be which will eventually be shown to the baby as they grown and see who was present at their baby shower. It is great to place your name, relation to the parents-to-be, with a funny memory about the parents-to-be and advice for the new baby in later life! A very memorable baby shower present and activity. Thanks to Tracy B. for this idea!

93) The Price is Right - (Materials: Baby products, index cards, pens and paper for each baby shower guest) -Like the game show, purchase 10 different baby items (i.e., baby shampoo, soap, bib, lotion, rattle, pampers). On index cards, write the price of each baby shower item and then randomly place the index cards in front of all of the items. Write a letter next to the price of each item and then have your baby shower guests guess by writing down the item that corresponds to the price. Each guest will write their answer on a piece of paper. The baby shower guest with the most correct corresponding prices wins a prize! Thanks to Carolyn for this wonderful baby shower idea!

94) How Well Do You Know The Mommy-To-Be - (Materials: paper and pens for each baby shower guest, index cards) - Have the baby shower planner find out as much about the mommy-to-be as a child and write the questions and answers on index cards. Questions can range from, "What was the mommy-to-be's favorite toy as a baby", favorite baby food, any allergies, favorite show as a baby, first crush, etc. The baby shower guest toget the most right wins a baby shower gift! Thanks to Neo for this baby shower game idea! Click here to get the baby shower game printable copy.

95) Baby Bottle Treasure Hunt - (Materials: 2 Normal Baby Bottle, Rice to fill bottle, Little Related Baby Items Like a Q-tip, safety pin, a button, a penny, a hair clip, tiny foam cut outs, small toys, for a boy a tiny car, maybe for a girl shower, bow, a pinto bean, and pom-pom...anywhere from 10 to 15 trinkets, Paper, Pens) - Get a standard baby bottles and gather small items for each bottle as mentioned above. Randomly place the treasures in each bottle, leaving a little room for shaking. Split the baby shower guests into two teams and give them 3 to 5 minutes to write down the objects they find in the bottle without opening it! The team with the most items written down wins! Thank you to Cindy for this great baby shower game idea!

96) Name the Names - (Materials: Paper, Pens and Preliminary Questions for Key Baby Shower Family Members) - On one side of the paper list the first names of mom and dad to be, all the grandparents and brothers, sisters (you could also use the names of the guests on the invite list). Then on the other side of the paper list a brief meaning of each name from a baby book. Guests then had to match the names with the appropriate meaning. The one with the most correct wins! It was a lot of fun and interesting to find out what the names mean. Thanks to Vickie for this great baby shower game!

97) Good Advice - (Materials: Strips of A4 (narrow) paper and pens) - All the guests get given a strip of A4 paper - the paper must be fairly narrow and long. Fold the paper into quarters and then get the baby shower guests to write a problem they may have had in the first few weeks of having their baby (e.g. baby doesn't sleep well, baby cries too much, baby doesn't burp after a feed then cries etc.on the first quarter). Fold the paper in half and pass it three people along. The baby shower guests then write the solution to the problem and fold the paper so it is like a small parcel. The papers are gathered up and the mother-to-be reads out the problems and the solutions. This can be hilarious and we thank Ann for the great baby shower game!

98) Don't Forget Daddy! - (Materials: Paper copies of the questions created prior to the party, pens) - Make a list of questions with multiple choice answers pertaining to what the Daddy-to-Be said and feels since finding out about he and his wife's baby. Click here to find 10 examples and add your own. Thank you Marie for this wonderful baby shower game idea! Click here for a printable version

99) Mommy Song List - Just like game number 16, Baby Song List - (Materials - pad of paper and pen for each woman). Have each woman write down in 5 minutes all the songs that have mommy, mama or mother in their titles (i.e., I saw mommy kissing santa claus, songs my mother sang, mama mia). You can make it harder by stating that you have to name who also wrote the songs! A baby shower favorite! If this seems too hard, open it up to songs that have these words in their lyrics! Here are a list that we have if you want to change the game to have guests guess who sang the songs:

Mama Kin - Aerosmith
Your Mama Can't Dance - Loggins & Messina
Mama's Got A Squeezebox - The Who
Mama Tried - Merle Haggard
Mama I'm Coming Home - Ozzy Osbourne
It's Alright Ma, I'm Only Bleeding - Bob Dylan
That's Alright Mama - Elvis Presley
Mother by Danzig
Mother and child reunion by Paul Simon
Mother Dawn by Blue Pearl
Mother in law by Ernie K-Doe
Mother nature and Father Time by Nat King Cole
Mother of mine by Niel Reid
Mother Universe by The Soup Dragons
Mothers talk by Tears for fears
Motherland-a-fri-ca by Tribal House
Motherless child by Eric Clapton
Mother's Little Helper ~ The Rolling Stones
Motherless Child ~ Richie Havens
Atom Heart Mother ~ Pink Floyd
Tie Your Mother Down ~ Queen
If I Was Your Mother ~ Bon Jovi
Mama tried - Merle Haggard
Mother by John Lennon
Mama He's Crazy-the Judds

100) Name The Characters - (Materials: Pictures of child characters from Movie and TV, Pen, Paper) - Prior to the baby shower, have a baby shower guest go to different popular child sites (,,, and print pictures of popular children personalities/characters. At the baby shower, see how many the mommy-to-be gets right when you hold them up as she will need to be briefed on the characters that her new child will enjoy! Bonus points for knowing all of the names of The Wiggles, Hannah Montana's real name as well as the Wonder Pets). A great baby shower game to test contemporary characters that will be loved by the mommy-to-be's child!

101) Guess How Many - (Materials: name tags, pen, paper) - As the baby shower guests arrive, ask them to pick a number between 0 and 20 (or however many guests are expected). Don't tell them why, and put the number on their name tag or perhaps a poster/namelist. (You can restrict numbers from being picked more than once, or you can allow it and just be prepared for a possible tie-breaker). Right before the mommy-to-be starts to open gifts, you announce that the number is the guest's guess at how many onesies (or bibs, or spoons, or whatever) will be received in the gifts! The entire winner of the number receives a baby shower gift! Thanks to Cathy from Chicago for this great baby shower game idea :)

102) TV Show Kids - (Materials: Paper and Pens) - Have the baby shower guests name all the kids in the  following TV show (tv names) or music groups: (Extra points for naming dogs or special guests). Click here to download a printable .pdf version.

Cosby Kids Hannah Montana Jackson 5 Hanson
The Jonas Brothers Partridge Family Family Ties Brady Bunch
Waltons Little House on the Prairie The Osmond Family Eight Is Enough

A really fun baby shower game! Thanks Todd for a great idea!

103) Baby Shower Count - (Materials: pens, paper) - Prior to the baby shower, have the baby shower planner choose a baby shower decoration theme (i.e., duckies, teddy bears, etc) and count them up. Tableware (i.e., Plates, napkins, cups) with the pattern would count as one each. At some point during the baby shower, have each guest guess how many of that object are in the room and write down their answers. (i.e., decorations, plates, napkins). This can be adapted to any theme. Give a baby shower gift to the winner. An easy but fun baby shower game thanks to Cathy.

104) Baby Shower Match - (Materials: Candy, Index Cards, Pens for scoring, a amateur artist to draw pictures or concepts, Paper) - A really fun baby shower game is the Match Game. Make up two boards with squares. On one board number the squares, on the other one use letters. Each board would have a matching idea under the square (a similar game to picture match or memory game). Under the numbers and letters are things pertaining to baby and birth that you can come up with (Birth, Labor Pains, Breast Feeding, Precious Baby, Preemie). For instance, under #5 and under letter A are the words "Labor pains". Each person calls out one letter and one number. The person who calls A 5 would make a match if both A and 5 have a matching idea/picture! The best part is the prizes. The match for "Labor pains" is a packet of Whoppers. The prize for "Breast feeding" would be Milk Duds or Milky Way, "Preemie" would be Runts. It takes a few for the guest to recognize the connection but they always get a big kick out of it.

105) Baby Shower Raffle - (Materials: baby shower gift and paper and pen or ticket to give everyone a number) - Let everyone know on the baby shower invite to bring diapers or a onesie to be entered in a raffle. This is a great way to have a baby shower game and at the same time give tons of onesies and diapers to the new parents to be who will need them! Have the raffle at the end of the party to build suspense or give out a few small baby shower gifts to a few winners! Thank you to Lottie for this great baby shower game and gift idea!


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We hope these baby shower games give you a great start in creating the fun at the baby shower!




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