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76) Match The Socks - (Materials: socks, bag, timer) - Go out and purchase 10 pairs of baby socks and place them into a bag shaking and mixing them up. Time each person to try and match as many socks as they can in 1 minute. A fun game as well as a great way to get 10 pairs of baby socks for later use by the mommy-to-be. Thanks to Isabella from Sydney for this game!

77) Baby Shower Give-Away - (Materials: Envelopes to match the amount of attendees, Paper to Fit Each Envelope, Tub or Basket, Decorating Materials for tub/basket, Pens) - Purchase a nice basket or tub and decorate it with baby type art. Purchase blank white envelopes that have a baby shower theme on them or just plain envelopes. Place the basket or tub on the table at the baby shower and have each baby shower guest fill out the front of the envelope with their address. In each of the envelopes, give them a little paper to write a message or advice for the mother to be. Have each guest leave the envelopes unglued. At the end of the baby shower, have the mommy-to-be select one envelope from the pile and give out a baby shower gift!

This envelopes can later be used by the mommy-to-be for writing thank you notes and saving her time. The tub or basket can be used as well to store baby shower gifts, supplies, bathroom stuff at a later time! Thanks to Patricia for this wonderful idea!

78) Pass the parcel (gift) - (Materials: baby shower gift (one for mother to be), newspaper, gags, several instruction stickers which are blank stickers that you will create, a baby doll with diapers and sippy cup, blindfold, rubber glove, oversized tongs, bib) - Wrap a gift with around 10 or more layers of wrapping paper and add an instructional sticker to each layer (see below for some ideas). Some of the stickers should say, "GAG" which means the baby shower participant has to do whatever the gag states (see ideas below). Pass the parcel/gift without music but according to instruction stickers stuck on the outside of the gift. So the package may say: pass the gift to someone wearing pink. That person wearing wearing pink then takes off a layer of packaging. They may receive a prize, a gag, or just the instruction of who to pass to next. Keep going until the final wrapper which has a sticker stuck on it saying "pass this to the mother to be" and have a gift for mother or baby.

Some of the ideas for the gags may read: (or think up some creative ones yourself):

  • "Oh no! Baby has just pooped. Change his diaper blindfolded within 30 sec and win a prize" Then have the guest complete the activity.
  • "Oh no, baby's hungry. Have the guest drink a cup juice/milk through a sippy cup within the time limit.
  • "Oh no, baby's bored. Sing them your favorite nursery rhyme"
  • "Oh no, poopy diapers in need of soaking! Lift tissues (the dirty diapers) from one bowl to the other using rubber gloves and oversized tongs while blindfolded. If they all land in the new bowl then win a prize.
  • "Messy baby! Wear this bib until this game is over"
  • "Mommy has just informed daddy that her water broke. Daddy's first words are________?" (this can be quite funny if daddy is known to say silly things)

Passing instructions, Be as creative as you want with this. Some ideas are, pass the gift to:

some one wearing a blue shirt/ glasses/ socks/ earrings ect.
someone who has most recently had a baby
someone who has the most children
someone who has the most daughters (or sons)
three passes to you left
three passes to you right
pass to the person directly across from you
some one who either has all girls or all boys
someone who is an aunty
someone who is a grandmother
someone with blonde hair
someone wearing pink
someone who is not related

Thank you for this wonderful baby shower game idea from Hanna from Brisbane, Australia!

79) Mommy Multi-Tasking - (Materials: two 5-6 foot pieces of rope, clothes pins, baby clothes or baby doll clothes, 2 laundry baskets, 2 baby dolls, and 2 telephones (you can use a toy phone, a cell phone, or whatever is available). To play this game, you have two people hold the ends of the rope. The players must hold a baby doll on their hip, talk on the phone (they must actually engage in a "conversation" on the phone) and the must put clothes (that are piled in the laundry basket on the floor) on the rope using their clothes pins. You put a one or two minute timer and the player to get the most items hung on the rope with out dropping the baby or stopping talking on the phone wins! The baby shower guests get a huge laugh watching everyone struggle withthis awesome baby shower game! Thanks to Jackie from Fort Worth, TX for this great game!

80) The Baby Shower Waddle Game - (Materials: Balloons, 2-4doz Eggs, 3 Soup Spoons, 3 Large Bowls, 3 6-12ct Egg Crates, 3 Chairs) Take your guests outside (this may get messy) and have them form 3 teams. Each guest much blow up a balloon large enough to fit under his/her shirt to resemble an expectant mother. Have the teams for 3 lines. Place a 6-12 ct (dependant on # of guests) egg crate on a chair by the 1st "Waddler" in each line. About 3-5 yards away from the "Waddlers", have someone from each team hold a large bowl filled with 8-14 (dependant on # of guests) eggs. Give a spoon to the 1st Waddler in line. When the Mother-To-Be cries "Waddle Waddle", the 1st players begin waddling (one hand on back or underbelly and the spoon in the other) to the person opposite them holding the bowl of eggs. The "Waddlers" scoop an egg out of the bowl with spoon (they can only use one hand!) and waddle back to place the egg in the crate on the chair and give the spoon to the next "Waddler". If someone drops their egg they must go back and get another one. The first team to fill their crate wins. Thanks to Elizabeth for this great baby shower game!

81) All About Friends - (Materials: Paper or Paper Plates, markers/pens for each baby shower guest) - Ask each baby shower guest to privately write something about themselves that no-one really knows. As our baby shower guest Mary states, "It really added a lot of fun to the game as I showed the picture and read from the back. Then the other guests had to guess who the mystery person was. It was hilarious to find out who roller-skated competitively, who took cello lessons and who forgot her to wear her skirt to school one day and just went in her slip! One of my 80+ year old guests was a cheerleader and star of her high school play." Thank you Mary for this great baby shower game idea!

82) Having A Baby - (Materials: Balloons) - Split all the baby shower guests into 2 or more teams. Give each person a balloon (having a few spare balloons as well for popages). When you shout "Go" Each team has their first member blow up their balloon and stuff it up their top. When they finish placing it in their top, the second and then third team member does the same until the entire team is pregnant (fun to play with a coed group as well). When the last person in the line becomes pregnant, the first person needs to give birth and pop the balloon until the whole team have popped their balloons. The quickest team "giving birth" wins. Thanks to Kellie for this funny baby shower game idea!

83) Winner Takes All - (Materials: Piggy Bank, "All Detergent") - The piggy bank is passed around and everyone puts there spare change in it. Then each person is given the chance to guess how much change is in the piggy bank. The person who comes the closest to the right amount wins "All" laundry detergent and the mom-to-be gets all the money! This is a very entertaining game...especially when you see the face of the person who wins the detergent. Thanks Willis for this great baby shower game idea!

84) Egg Nesting - (Materials: Color Easter Eggs or Little Pumpkins, or X-mas Stockings, ect...) - This is a great game around any holiday as you can use the symbol of the holiday for an item for each baby shower guest. Eggs work great because they also represent fertility. Take and fill each egg with one square of toilet tissue per egg. As baby shower guests arrive, each guest including the mommy-to-be takes an egg. Throughout the party, guests are not to leave their eggs unattended, except to go to the restroom, eat, or participate in a game that requires hands on. If they must set down their egg they need to ask another guest to egg sit for them. Throughout the party, eggs (as many as a guest has in their possession) can be taken away if another guest sees an egg unattended or being neglected or if they are dropped. the person at the end of the party with the most eggs wins a prize. Thank you from Cheryl for this great baby shower game!

85) Watch What You Say - (Materials: Pen and Paper). This is just a game where laughter is the prize! While the mommy-to-be is opening her gifts, have the host or one of the guests write down everything she says while she is opening each baby shower gift. When she has finished opening all the gifts, tell the guests that you would like to read something to them! Say this is what the mommy-to-be said to her man the night she conceived the baby! Then read each little saying from the list! You will have everyone rolling in tears. Here are some funny sayings that was said at my sister's baby shower:

"Oh my gosh I've never seen one like this before!"
"Oh that feels so soft."
"Awe its so little."

Thanks to Kandi for this excellent baby shower game!

86) Name Tag Donation Game - (Materials: piggy bank, name tags, pins or two sided strong tape) Before the baby shower, make name tags for the guests. The names have to be baby-related like pacifier, circumcision, dirty diaper, burp rag, etc. Put all the name tags in a bag and as the guests arrive, each will draw a name out of the bag and pin it on their shirts. This will be their name for the rest of the baby shower. If anyone calls the guests by their REAL name, then they have to put a quarter or just loose change in the baby's piggy bank. By the end of the party, the baby has a great amount of money for their first piggy bank. This is a very fun and hilarious game. Again, thanks to Kandi for this wonderful idea!

87) Guess The Baby Shower Bill - (Materials: Various useful baby supplies and gifts) - Have someone purchase baby shower useful products (i.e., lotion, baby wash, Q-tips, diaper cream, wipes, etc.) and place them in a basket or decorative container. Baby Shower guests will then guess the total amount of the bill. The person who is closest without going over will win a baby shower favor but the mommy-to-be would get to take home the goodies. Works best if you have one receipt for all the items. Thanks to Stephanie for this great idea!

88) Pins in Rice - (Materials: bowl, white uncooked rice, safety pins) - First, get a bowl and pour a bag of white rice into it. Then you put a lot of different sized safety pins and blindfold the baby shower attendee. Each baby shower participant has to get as many safety pins and they can within 1 minute. Thanks to Kimberly for this wonderful baby shower game.

89) Diaper Raffle (Materials: Diapers, baby shower gift) - Place a card in the baby shower invitations that says "Have the chance to win an Extravagant gift basket! Bring a bag of diapers to enter your name in the raffle! You may enter as many times as you like!". Make a large gift basket and fill it full of fun stuff any one would love! A great, simple and easy way to get the mother-to-be tons of diapers which she and her significant other will appreciate! Thanks to Candice for this excellent idea!

90) Tinkle In The Pot - (Materials: two quarters for each baby shower participant, masking tape, pickle jars or glass bowls, balloons optional) - Every pregnant woman is always running to the bathroom. This game lets us  laugh about it. Group participants in teams of 4 or 5. Be sure to have two quarters for each person and jars/dishes as there are teams. Place a tape strip at a starting line on the floor. Have teams line up behind the starting line. Place jars across the room from each team. Baby shower contestants must place the quarter between their knees and waddle to the jar. They must drop the quarter in the jar (tinkle in the pot). NO HANDS ALLOWED!! If the person misses or drops the quarter along the way the must start over. Each teammate had to go twice. The first team to make all of their potty runs will win prizes. Because there are so many winners we had small inexpensive gifts. This had the ladies rolling with laughter. We also had some hilarious photos afterward. It is also fun to put balloons up your shirt. You can not see the pot while playing). Thank you to Michael for this wonderful baby shower game!


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