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46) Doll Creations (Materials: Scrapbooking materials, scissors, glue) - Scrapbooking materials, scissors, glue and a paper doll are given to each table (can include yarn, buttons, etc). Each table has to dress up the paper doll with the materials provided. Mother-to-be chooses the prettiest doll as the winner. A very cute baby shower game and lots of fun for the participants! Thanks again Daima for this great baby shower game.

47) Guess the Birth Time (1" plastic baby figure, ice cube tray, string, water) - The night before take a small - 1" or so plastic baby and place in an ice tray. Cover with water - you do not have to fill just enough to cover the baby - then place a string or piece of yard into the water. Freeze overnight. When the guest arrive hang the baby up over the kitchen sink or a bowl (something to catch the water). Then each guest should pick a time that they think the "baby' will be born. When the baby falls out whoever is closest to the time wins. This creative baby shower game idea comes from Dana (thanks Dana!). She stated the first time she tried this game, they practiced a few days before to see how long the ice would take to melt. If it takes longer then the time allowed for the shower you may want to hang it up before the shower starts.

48) Guess the Baby Powder and Baby Formula (Materials: Ten different types of powder like sugar, baking soda, sugar, flour, laundry detergent, pancake mix, baby powder and powdered baby formula as well as 10 zip lock backs, paper and pens) - Number the bags 1 to 10 each containing one of ten white powders All of the baby shower guests pass the bags around writing down on a piece of paper what they thought the "white stuff" was. Whomever guesses the most correct wins. Make sure to write down the actual powders before handing them out. Thanks to Sarah-Lynn for this baby shower game idea!

49) Baby Shower "Loving" Advice (Materials: red and white cardboard paper, scissors, and colored pens) - A great baby shower game to play is to have everyone write a "loving" message for the mother and father to be on cardboard cutout hearts in giving them advice for when the baby is born or during their last few days or months before the baby is born. The "loving messages on hearts tie in with a Valentine's theme very well or at any time during the year. Examples of this would be "Remember to enjoy the moments since they go fast, Get as much sleep as possible before the baby is born and when he/she takes naps, Make sure to take lots of pictures and keep up with a journal writing everything the baby does for the first time, etc. This can be a very memorable and touching activity at the shower as well as help for the new parents.

For those who don't know the gender of the baby, get a scrap book page from a scrapbooking/crafts shop with neutral colors (e.g. yellows, purples, teal) and with baby pictures such as animals, rattles etc.. Stick it up on the wall and get 2 pads of heart-shaped post-it notes (or cut out your own paper hearts in pink and blue). Everyone who attends the baby shower must write 1 tip/advice for the parent's to be and use a pink or blue paper, depending on what they think she will be having! She can read them out at the end of the party and can add it to her baby scrapbook for special memories. Thanks to Taskeen for this great baby shower idea!

50) The Pacifier Pass (Materials: Pacifiers with handles you can hold and straws) - Break up into teams of 4 or 5 people and have everyone stand in a line facing the person in front of them. The first person will place a straw in their mouth and place the straw through pacifier handle and in their mouth (the straw in their mouth not the pacifier). When you say "go" the first person passes the pacifier to the next person who should have their straw in their mouth and lets the pacifier slide down their straw (without any hands and no contact other than the straw). Everyone on the team passes the pacifier from straw to straw, no hands, no contact but lots of fun. Thanks to Steph for this great baby shower game!

51) Baby Diaper Raffle (Materials: Pen, Invite, special gift for baby shower guest) - Make it known on everyone's invitation, that if they bring a pack of diapers (for a newborn) to the baby shower that they will be entered into a drawing for a gift. This is a great way for helping make sure the new parents will have enough diapers to start with! Thanks to Jessica for this idea which she did at her baby shower.

52) Guess the Bibs Lottery (Materials: Paper and pen) - When the guests arrive, ask them "guess how many bibs will the mother-to-be get in her gifts." Write the guests name on a piece of paper with the number. Have someone count the total number of bibs after all gifts are opened. the person with the closest guess wins a prize. Thanks to Renee for this great baby shower game!

53) Find the Safety Pins (Materials: large bowl, long grain rice, safety pins ?(small or medium) and blindfold) - Fill bowl with rice and about 20 safety pins. Blindfold each participant from the baby shower for 1 minute and let the participant feel around in the bowl to see how many safety pins they can get. Keep score for each person playing. you would not believe how hard it is to tell the difference of the safety pin and the rice. Thanks Monita for this baby shower game idea.

54) Guess the Baby Picture (Materials: Tape, cardboard, pads of paper and pens/pencils) - Before the baby shower, ask everyone to bring in one picture of when they were one years or younger. Have all the pictures posted on a board and have everyone guess who each of the babies are. The winner should get a gift!

55) Guess The "Celebrity" Baby (Materials: Celebrity Magazines, Baby Magazines, Poster Board, Glue) - Prior to the baby shower, go through magazines cutting out 15 different pictures of babies. Go through varies different magazines and cut out baby heads and celebrity bodies. Paste the baby heads onto the celebrity bodies. Try to use a variety of celebrities from different era's too as to accommodate the different ages of your guests. You can either use a giant poster board and paste the pictures onto it or you can paste the pictures to cardstock and laminate each one. Don't forget to number each one and write down the celebrity. Have each guest try to guess the name of the celebrity. The one who guesses the most correctly wins. Thanks to Trisha for this idea.

56) Baby Shower "Guess What's In The Bag" Game (Materials: Paper Bags of different sizes to fit different size items, items listed below, pen) - You will need 10 paper bags. For fun, use colored ones. On the front of the first bag put a letter "B", the second "A", third "B", fourth "Y", and so on spelling out "B A B Y S H O W E R". Inside each bag is an item for the baby beginning with the letter on the outside of the bag. Guests cannot pick up the bags. Display them on a table so they can see how big the bags are. Whoever guesses the most correctly wins. Here is an example of what you might put in the bags:

B - Bottle, brush, booties, burp cloth
A - Aspirator, apple sauce
B - Bib
Y - Yellow Rubber Ducky (you may have to give a clue for this one)
S - Spoon, soap, shampoo
H - Hat, hanger (baby size), headband
O - Onesie, oil, oragel
W - Wipes, wash cloth
E - Ear suringe, ear ache medicine
R - Rattle, receiving blanket, rash medicine

Thanks again to Trisha for this idea!

57) Baby Sock Game (Materials: 14 pairs of baby socks that can be given to the mommy to be after the game, timer). Take the 14 pairs of new baby socks of different styles and colors and mix them up. Next, start and timer and tossed them in the middle of the floor, each guest has 1 minute to try and "match" as many socks as they can. A very fun baby shower game.

58) The Baby Supplies Memory Game (Materials: Different baby items such as a bottle, pacifier, diaper, etc as well as pads of paper and pens) - Place several baby items on the table (i.e., rattle, teather, lotion, bottle scrubber, mittens, comb). Leave the baby shower items out for a few seconds to view the items and then take the items away. Everyone has to write down as many items as they can remember. The one with the best memory wins. And the mommy of course gets to keep the items. Thanks to Mariah for giving us this baby shower game!

59) Diaper Bag Game (Materials: Diaper Bag, necessary items for a new born or their parents, pads of paper and pens) - Take a diaper bag and fill it with everything that the mother to be will need to take with her every time she goes out with baby. Give each guest a paper and pen and have them write down as many things they think are in the diaper bag in a certain amount of time. Time limit should depend on how many items there are to guess. When times up start taking the items out of the diaper bag and see who guessed the most. At the end the Mother to-be gets to keep the diaper bag and all the items. A favorite item of mine to add to the diaper bag is a disposable camera for those once in a lifetime shots (most guests miss that one). Thanks to Carolyn for this great baby shower game idea!

60) Baby Shower Memory Game (Materials: Poster Board, paper, candy bars, pen, tape) - Take a large piece of poster board with 20 small (3x5) pieces of paper lined up in number order (1, 2, 3...) with five across and four down. Under each paper was a word has a match under another paper. Example: 1 was "Baby Girl" and 20 was "Baby Girl". The players choose two numbers, trying to match the words. Each match was given a prize. "Baby Girl" received a Baby Ruth candy bar. "Laundry" received a Mounds candy bar, "Daddy" received Sugar Daddy candy, "Breastfeeding" received Milky Way, "Contractions" received Good and Plenty, "Epidural" received Lifesavers, "Bottle" received Baby Bottle Pop candy, "Crying Baby" received Screaming Sours candy, "10 pound baby" received Whoppers. (Find candy at the candy store, and make up your own words!) Everyone loved this game! We didn't know what candy was going to be given out, so it was fun to guess while people were playing the game. Thanks to Melissa for this wonderful baby shower game.


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