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31) Mother, Mother, Who Am I (Materials - Pad of Paper and pencil/pen for each baby shower participant) - This is a real fun and quizzical game where you give clues about "Famous Mothers". For instance, who is the mother of nursery rhymes (Mother Goose), who is the mother of helping others (Mother Theresa), What mother went to the cubbard to fetch her poor doggy a bone? (Mother Hubbard), etc. This is a great baby shower game to play at the party and I am sure you can think of more Mother examples. "Click here for a list. We want to thank Kathy for setting up this great baby shower game!" If you want to play this great baby shower game for a couple's shower and include both Famous Mother's and Fathers Click Here (right click to download). Thanks to Melysa for this wonderful addition to the game.

32) Do You Know What It Is (Materials: 10-15 baby items, 10-15 small paper bags, writing utensil, paper for each baby shower guest). Sort the baby items (q-tips, nail clippers, pacifier, etc.) into the paper bags (one item per bag) and number the bags 1-10 or 15. Give each guest a pad and pen and have them number 1-10 or 15 depending on how many bags you prepared and then hand out the bags randomly to the guests. Each guest or team at the baby shower will try to figure out what is in each bag based on what they can feel and/or hear (the bags can not be opened). The bags are passed around until everyone has had a chance to touch and write down their answers. The mother-to-be then opens each bag and shows it to the guests. The guest who gets the most correct gets a prize, if there's a tie they have to answer a question about the mother-to-be. For an added bonus, make a really hard item (shoulder pads, baby nail clippers) a bonus at the end; for the one who guessed it correctly gets a bonus prize (if there's a tie, have them answer a question about the mother-to-be). (Thanks to our baby shower visitor Craig for this baby shower game)

Newborn Care DVD - Click here for more Info!33) Make A Baby (Materials: Small containers of play-dough). Each person at the baby shower is given a small container of play-dough and everyone has 5 minutes to create a baby (using just one container). Then each dough baby is placed on a plate and presented to the mother-to-be who then looks at each dough baby and decides who's she likes the best. The winner gets a prize. (Thanks to our baby shower visitor Craig for this baby shower game).

34) Feed The Baby (Materials: Bib, baby spoon and baby food jar for each couple that are chosen). The object was to be the first to feed a jar of food to your partner. Baby shower participants are broken up into two person teams. One teammate is given a bib and the other is given a tiny spoon. When the mother-to-be says go, begin feeding the participant who is the "baby". The first baby shower team to finish the jar wins. You will laugh hysterically as one of our visitors Myrtis told us! Enjoy the game!

35) Name That Baby Tune (Materials: CD Player or Cassette Player). Just like the popular game "Name That Tune", you can play the same game with baby songs. See which baby shower guest can guess the baby song the quickest. The person at the baby shower that guesses the most baby songs the quickest wins! Fun to also play in teams and keep score! This idea was sent in by one of our baby shower visitors so thanks!

36) Baby's First Food (Salad Bowl, Cotton Balls, Big Salad Spoon). Set up a salad bowl in the middle of a table, and empty out two bags of cotton balls - spreading them out around the bowl. Blindfold the first baby shower guest and ask her to sit near bowl with a big spoon and see how many cotton balls she can spoon into the bowl in 3 minutes. It's hilarious since you can't feel the weight of the cotton balls, you don't know what you're doing. Whomever gets the most in the bowl wins! Ideally, you would let the baby shower "mommy to be" and her relatives play as well as the baby shower planner. Thanks visitor Karen for this idea!

37) Diaper Doo (Materials-small pieces of white material that can be folded into small diaper lapels, safety pins, one small piece of chocolate). As guests arrive, pin a small diaper to each on their lapel. Tell them they will be told later what it's about. At the end of the party ask everyone to remove their diaper and open them up. One person should have a "special surprise" inside. The melted piece of chocolate! This baby shower game idea was given to us by Pam :)

38) Purse Scavenger Hunt (Materials-each guests own purse/handbag) Can be played in teams if someone arrives without a purse or handbag. A preprinted list is handed out to everyone with various items normally found it ladies bags and items rarely found in them. Example-the invitation to this shower, an overdue utility bill, any form of birth control, key chain with a baby picture, picture of a pet, expired voters registration card, grocery list, grocery receipt with toilet paper purchase. . .be creative and watch women go crazy empting out their personals for all to share! Assign a point system. Grocery list may only be worth one point, where a baby rattle is worth 10! Thanks again Pam for this wonderful baby shower game idea.

39) Whose Water Breaks First (Materials - Medium size plastic babies, Clear disposable cups that will fit the plastic babies). This game is a great and fun game given to us by visitor Alejandra. Prior to the day of the baby shower, fill each of the cups with water enough to cover the plastic baby toys at least halfway (since they may float). Place the cups in the freezer until frozen stiff (you need to prep the night before). The day of the baby shower party, give a cup to all the women who attend the shower as they arrive. Whoever can melt the water the quickest or their water breaks gets the prize. The baby shower attendees can try to melt by blowing hot air on it or putting it in the sun (everything goes, let them get creative). It's a game that everyone can play at the baby shower no matter what age or physical limitation they may have. Alejandra tells us at, "Once had a guest try to outsmart me and place the cup in the microwave but the plastic cup melted in the microwave and she was eliminated from the game (ha ha ha ha it was tooo funny)." I think this game will soon become a baby shower favorite!

40) Who Sucks The Best (Materials: baby bottles with nipples all the same size, favorite drink or drink of choice for the group and timer). This baby shower game is a riot since it involves those who are participating to drink out of baby bottles and race to see who can finish the first. It is fun to time everyone and see how long it takes for everyone to finish. Have teams and race in groups with each group having a winner that moves up to the final. Also a great baby shower game to play if the baby shower is co-ed. Have the men of the group race to see who can win for their wives/girlfriends. One of our visitors to the site state they used Beer (sober driver please) as the drink for the men. Have a great time.

41) Baby Shower Memory Game (Materials: clothesline, clothespins as well as items like baby bottle, pacifier, bib, receiving blanket, shoes, socks, hat, gloves, baby pin, teddy bear, rattle, onesie, sleeper, picture frame to hang up on the clothesline). Hang up a clothesline with all the different baby items. Have two people hold up the line for 1 minute and then take the line down (hide it) and have everyone write down every item they can remember (from memory). Give everyone 3 minutes to write down as many items as they can remember. Bring out the line again and see how many everyone got from their memory. An easy and fun baby shower game! Thanks to viewer Carol for this idea!

42) Pregnant for a Day Co-Ed Game (Materials: Bag of medium balloons, a roll of yarn cut into approx. 20 inch pieces, and a chair for each male participant). Don't tell the object of the game up-front. Make a statement to the women in attendance-- "How many of us women wished that men could be pregnant just for one day?" This statement will leave the men full of suspicion as to what was about to unfold. Hand each man a balloon. For each man that doesn't have on shoes with shoe laces, tie the piece of yarn around each of his slip on shoes to mimic a shoestring. Do not form the bow. Only make a knot to help keep the yarn around the shoe. For those who do have on string up shoes, instruct them to untie their shoes.

Instruct each man to blow up his balloon and tell each man when to stop filling it with air. The balloons should be filled with enough air that it could fit under each participant's shirt, yet be a bit uncomfortable for them to sit down and tie their shoes without popping the balloon. Keep in mind that men who already have a "pot-belly" might need to blow up a smaller balloon. Give the object of the game and the rules. Start the game and whoever ties their shoes without popping the balloon, or lifting their feet from the floor wins. You'll see husbands, cousins, boyfriends come up with such creative ideas as how to attack this difficult task. Naturally, you get a roll of laughter from the baby shower guests as they watch this hysterical event and the men will get to see what it's like to be pregnant for a day! Thanks Ja'Ponica for this idea!

43) Apple Sauce Never Tasted So Good (Materials: large garbage bags, jars with applesauce, baby spoons). Pair up volunteers. Give each participant a garbage bag and instruct them to tear out a hole for their arms and head and then put on the trash bag to cover their clothing. Blindfold each participant. Give each participant a bowl of Applesauce with 5 or more tablespoons of Applesauce in it. Have each blindfolded team feed their partner the applesauce and the team who completes their jar the quickest wins. I've never seen so many people who couldn't get the spoon to their partners mouth. Thanks Ja'Ponica for this idea as well!

44) Out Of The Mouths Of Babes: (Items required-pen and blank paper) - Give the baby shower guests a time limit of 10 minutes and have them write down as many baby-talk words as they can think of followed by the correct name for the words. Examples: potty is going to the toilet, poo-poo is a bowl movement, wee-wee is urinating (or it may be a boy's penis), baa-baa is a bottle, bye-bye is good bye, wa-wa is a drink of water. You may need to give them one example to get them started. Our guest Pam whose idea this is stated, "At a recent shower, we played this game and heard about 20 different terms just for "pacifier". Everyone has funny and different baby words so there are no wrong answers. The real fun is reading them out loud and hearing some of the silly terms we adults have come up with to communicate with our babies or the creative words our children have used to communicate with us! It's hysterical how many adults still use slang words, for example, we had someone write "poo-poo is baby talk for doo-doo"!! We laughed our "boe-boe" off!" Thanks for the game Pam!

45) Draw A Baby Game (Materials: Crayon and paper plate) - Each participant is given a paper plate and a crayon. They are asked to place the plate on their heads, like a hat. They are given 1 minute to draw a baby on the plate while holding it over their heads. They then write their names on the other side. Mother-to-be chooses the best drawing as the baby shower winner. Thanks for this idea Daima.


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