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237) Baby Shower Tie Dye - (Materials: 3 buckets, a red, blue and yellow clothing dye 1 in each bucket with water, Gloves, Squirt/pump bottles guests to mix their own colors into (red+blue=purple), Plastic or tarpaulin to cover ground, Rubbish bags to cut holes for head and arms to protect clothing, White cotton clothing to dye) - Give white onsies to all of the baby shower guests that want to participate. Have each of the guests design their own tie dye shirts for the baby-to-be and hang them on a clothesline that can be part of the baby shower decorations. Have the mommy-to-be judge for most creative, most colorful, etc and make a baby shower game out of it. Lots of fun for everyone and a great baby shower gift for the new parents to be. Thanks to Debs for this great idea!

238) Baby Bongo Music Festival - (Materials: Items to make into instruments wherever you are) - A really funny baby shower game is to get a bunch of items out of purses and home appliances (or restaurant items) and make them into instruments. Break the baby shower guests into teams and have them make a fast song together as a group regarding the birth of the new baby and then record it on peoples iPhone or any other device you have. Give everyone 15 minutes to make up the song and then present. A lot of fun and will get great laughs with a memorable recording to keep!

239) Fun Baby Facts - A really fun baby shower game is to do a little research online prior to the party by typing into the internet "baby shower facts", "baby fun facts" and other terms to get some really great information. Test your guests' knowledge at the shower and offer a baby shower door prize for the one who gets the most correct. A really great game to play at any time during the shower.

240) Diaper Messages - (Materials: Paper, pens, new pack of diapers) - Purchase a few boxes of newborn diapers and place them in a basket with pink or blue ribbons. Get some sharpie markers (non toxic). Have each guest write down a little message for mom or dad on the diaper so that they will get a little chuckle in the middle of the night as they are changing baby! For example… "Hi mommy! Just wanted to see your face! "Or "hey Daddy....what's new with you tonight?" Send the diapers home with the mom to be. Thanks to Paige in Savannah, GA for this great baby shower game.

241) Diaper Piñata – A fun idea is to play the old school game of hitting the piñata but do it with the theme of the baby shower by finding one that is a rattle, buggy, or diaper. A diaper piñata is always fun at the shower since you can fill it with chocolates! Have fun hitting the paper machete and an easy way to plan an activity that can be held almost anywhere at any time during the party.

242) Clay-Doe Baby Guess - (Materials: Clay, Play doe, buttons, toothpicks, paper, pens, stopwatch or phone with counter) - Come up with as many baby shower related and baby related items and place them each on an index card. Have each baby shower team take a card and have 2 minutes to build out of clay that figure for their team to guess. A really fun baby shower game for the entire group to play!

243) Bidding Wars - (Materials: Useful baby items, cue cards, pens) - A fun game is to have everyone grab a cue card that has a number for each participant. Prior to the baby shower, have everyone donate one item that is valuable in some way (i.e., someone working for the studios to have a walk on part for a tv show, a baseball card signed by an important player, a service your company does at discount). Have everyone bid on the prizes as this is an excellent way to raise much needed money for the parents to be's baby supplies (i.e., diapers, doctor's bills, etc). If someone already is well off, place the money in an early college fund! A great way to start the savings and help the parents out.

244) Baby Shower Stories - It is always nice to share your stories as seasoned mommies with the mommy-to-be. Go around the room and tell her your favorite moments that are either embarrassing, exciting or just plain funny. Have one woman "plant" that has a fake story but makes it sound real. Let the mommy-to-be know that she needs to find the fake story in all of the others to see just how good she is. A fun and easy baby shower game to play with the crowd.

245) Celebrities and their Babies - Baby Celebrities - (Materials: Magazine and Internet pictures of stars and their children as well as Celebrities as Children, paper, pens) - Have a group of girls cut out of the tabloids and internet, pictures of celebrity children as well as what the celebrities looked like at children. Give everyone ten minutes to see how many can get the correct celebrity as a baby and who their children are. A fun and easy game to plan although it takes a little planning up front.

246) Baby Lego Game - (Materials: Lego's in all colors and sizes) - Have a bunch of Lego's on each of the tables along with a few pre-set cards with certain names of baby items. Start a timer and have one person at each table flip over a card with a baby item (i.e., buggy, rattle, diaper, stroller) and use the Lego's to create that item for everyone to guess within 3 minutes. A really fun and creative game like Pictionary. It is excellent as after the game the Lego's can be given as a baby shower gift for the little one when he/she gets a little older (as there are too many small pieces for a newborn).

247) Go Retro - Remember growing up the fun games we all played in school. Bring back those classics to have the mommy-to-be and her friends find the inner child with heads-up 7-up, pin the tail on the donkey (or pin the sperm on the egg which is game 5 on the first page of our baby shower games, or even duck, duck, goose and red rover. Have some fun with the games. Another fun game is to see who can write down the most child games (non board games) within 5 minutes to see who gets the most.

248) Music to Sip To - (Materials: Baby Bottles, favorite liquids) - Play your favorite repetitive song that has the word baby in it and have everyone drink their favorite liquids each time the song mentions the "baby" word. Mix it up and find other songs of choice that have repetitive words and enjoy this baby shower game which is one of our favorites. Wash the bottles out after which can be given as a gift to the mommy-to-be.

249) Baby Shower Boogie (Materials: Pictures and possibly film footage of people at the party as kids dancing/being funny) - Place DVD,s, VCR's and photos of some of your baby shower guests at their finest when they were children between the ages of 1-5. See if everyone can guess who they are watching or viewing when they were at that age. It is a lot of fun. The best videos or tapes are of those singing, dancing, etc. Make sure you send the request to get the media way before the baby shower.

250) Eggs or Birth - Come up with a bunch of animals on a list and have everyone decide which ones lay eggs and which ones give birth to living breathing offspring. Various types of animals give birth in different ways. For example, mammals (except for the two monotremes - platypuses and echidnas) and some reptiles and fish give birth to living breathing offspring, and most other reptiles, fish and amphibians, together with birds, lay eggs that have to be hatched later. A fun and easy game to play at any point in the party!

251) Baby Sounds Game - A real easy game to play and only for those who can be a little zany. Go around the circle for those baby shower guests that want to play. Have everyone come up with baby sounds to see how many times people can go around the circle. Guests will be out if they repeat a sound or can't think of anymore. Sounds like Goo-goo, gaga, mama, dada, waaaaaah, etc. A fun game to watch others play as well if you want to be an observer.

252) Find the Baby Products - (Materials: Baby Bottle, diapers, pacifiers, etc) - Hide baby products all over the place you have the baby shower and have the mommy to be find as many as possible in a certain amount of time. It is fun to see her hunt for products that can also be given to her as gifts. See how many she comes up with at the allotted time.

253) Idiosyncrasy game - (Materials: paper, pen, tape) - under all of the baby shower guests chairs, place one peculiar behavior or tic that the person must own for the remainder of the baby shower. Ideas such as eye flutters, drooling, sticking tongue out, face twitches, leg twitches, etc are ideas. The name of the game is to have the mommy-to-be see and call out the behavior before anyone at the shower gets it. See how many can have the mommy-to-be get it before being found out!

254) Big Baby - (Materials: diaper, bonnet, teddy bear, bib, mittens/booties, bottle filled with juice) -The objective is to make a baby out of a guest. When guests arrive, have them write their names and toss it in a hat. Host/or mother-to-be draws a name.(But does not tell the participant at that time why their name was drawn). After the first actual game has been played, the host then reveals why the name was drawn. The guest whose name was drawn is now declared the "BIG BABY"(and now must wear baby items). The loser(s) of each game now dresses "BIG BABY" Starting with a diaper. After each game, the losing opponent gets to apply another piece of garment to the "BIG BABY". The active participant gets their picture taken and a prize for being a good sport. A fun game thanks to Verlondra M.

255) Pick Up Sticks, Jump Rope and Hop Scotch - (Materials: Rope, chalk, jack, etc) - Have some fun with old school games to relive your early years. Have all the girls join in and play teams. Don't forget 4-square and jump rope! Make sure to take lots of pictures as everyone has a great time.

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