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220) Play Dough Baby Shower Game - (Materials: Playdough, carving items like tooth picks) - You'll need two identical sets of cards, each card having a baby item written on it (i.e., Baby bottle, pacifier, rocking chair, tube of diaper cream, etc) and two lumps of Playdough. Divide the guests into two teams and have them sit in a circle. Give each team a lump of playdough and randomly distribute the cards to each team member. (Each team should have an identical set of cards). The item on the card isn't to be shared with their team members. Give the go signal and the first person on each team makes the item on their card out of the play dough, while their baby shower team members try to guess what it is. As soon as the item is identified correctly go to the next person and continue on around the circle. The first team to guess all their items correctly wins. It's best if there can be some space between the teams so they don't overhear the other team's guesses. Thanks to Marci who came up with this great baby shower game and had a blast playing it at her shower.

221) Candy Bar Match Memory Game - (Materials: Candy Bars, pens and index cards 2 colors) - Take a group of different and an associated list of baby related items found on our website and create two sets of cards. Each candy bar is written on a white card and the related baby word was on a colored card. Mix up the cards and with the guests sitting in a circle, give each one a white card and a colored card, making sure they don't have the corresponding match. The first baby shower guest reads out loud their candy bar card and tried to guess who had the correct answer by calling out a guest's name. That person read out loud their colored card. The group then decided if it was a match. (have the mommy to be have the master list and can say if it was correct or not.) If the first person guessed correctly, then she got the colored card. If not, the second guest, read her candy bar card out loud and try to guess who had the match. At first no one knows where the match is, but as the guests called out their card, guests have to remember who said the match to their candy bar card. The candy bars were the prizes. This is a lot of fun as the baby shower guest interact with each other and help each other when they finally caught on to the answers. Thanks again to Marci for this great baby shower game!

222) Blanket of Love - (Materials: plain (colored) flannel receiving blanket and a coordinating colored permanent extra fine tip markers) - Baby shower guests sign the blanket with best wishes, prayers, love, or just their names. It was a great baby shower activity while guests are arriving. The mommy-to-be can also add the baby's name and birth date. Thanks Marci for this wonderful baby shower idea and game.

223) Baby Shower Toy Timeline - (Materials: Toys from all ages, paper, pens) - Purchase different toys from different eras (i.e., Lincoln Logs, Lego's, Mr. Potato Head) and research online when they were originally created. Number each toy and ask your baby shower participants when each were originally created. Give a baby shower prize to whomever gets most of them right. Thanks to Jenny B. for this great baby shower idea!

224) Why & Because Game - (Materials: Strips of paper with the words "why" or because" written on them, pens/pencils) - Separate your baby shower guests into two groups, one group for 'why' and the other 'because'. Hand each member a strip of paper with the appropriate word for their group. Have each guest uses nursery rhymes and writes a question beginning with 'why' or an answer beginning with 'because'. Have guests fold the cards so what is written is not revealed then collect the papers from both groups. Have members from the opposite group choose one card. The baby shower host or mommy to be chooses a starting point and has one person read a question with 'why' and someone respond with a 'because' answer and have fun laughing at the match-ups. For instance, you might end up with things like - Why did Jack and Jill go to fetch water? Because the Itsy Bitsy spider climbed up the water spout. Why did Mary get a little lamb? Because Tom the piper's son stole the pig. You don't have to use nursery rhymes since it can be anything that you think is appropriate. Thanks to Andrea M. for this great baby shower game!

225) Baby Shower Memories - (Materials: paper, scissors, pens) - Have all the baby shower guests write down their favorite memory of the mommy-to-be if they have known her for her whole life. For new friends, they can write down words of advice for the new mom. Have a baby shower participant read them out loud and see if the mommy-to-be can guess who wrote the memory. The mommy-to-be will not read them since they will have the name of the person who turned it in. A fun and enjoyable baby shower game. Play it during the baby shower gift opening which makes it more fun as you can have the mommy to be read one after each gift opened.

226) Combined Labor Guess - (Materials: Pens, paper and writing surface) - First ask all the baby shower guests who has had a baby and to raise their hand so everyone knows how many moms there are in the room. Ask everyone to write down their answer/guess on how long is the combined first baby labor of every mom in the room? Guesstimate if you don't remember your own. C-sections are worth 5 hours plus any labor. Pass a writing surface around so everyone can make guess. Then go around the room getting their answers. Tally the amount as they answer. Thanks to Cindy from Vermont for this baby shower game!

227) Famous Mom's - (Materials: name tag stickers, markers) - As an ice breaker when baby shower guests first arrive, place each sticker on the back of each guest with a name of a famous mom. Have each participant ask guessing questions to others, to see if they can name who they are. Some ideas can be Carol Brady from the Brady Bunch, Marianne Cunnigham from Happy Days, Peggy Bundy from Married with Children, Shirley Partridge from The Partridge Family, Samantha from Bewitched, Jacqueline Kennedy, Mother Theresa, etc. A great baby shower game to start off the party.

228) Bundle of Joy - (Materials: Joy dish detergent, newspaper and music) - The concept of the game is to take a bottle of Joy dish detergent and wrap a lot of newspaper around the detergent. After you have bundled the detergent, take a blue or pink bow and wrap it around the bundle. Guest are to sit in a circle and play the classic game of hot potato. Whoever gets stuck with the bundle get to unwrap as much paper as they can until the rotation is started over. Whoever get stuck with the unwrapped detergent wins this baby shower game. Thanks to Tiffany C. for this great unique game!

229) Retro Games - (Materials: colored chalk, jump rope, ball and jacks) - For all of you who love to reminisce, a great baby shower game time is to bring out the games we played as kids and have some fun. Draw hop scotch, play jump rope, and all the other games you remembered as children. Red Rover and head up 7-up are other great games and easy to play anywhere. Bring out the kid in you once more!

230) Never Again - (Materials: paper, pens) - A really fun and easy baby shower game to play is to have everyone write down on paper what they never did again after having children. Things such as riding a motorcycle, sleeping in late, dancing until 2:00am, wearing lingerie, etc. Make up some fun ones and read them to the mommy-to-be to let her know in a "tongue and cheek" way on what is in store for her and her significant other! Read them out loud and see if the mommy-to-be can also guess who wrote each one.

231) Piggy Bank Challenge (Materials: piggy bank, money) - Fill up a cute piggy bank with change and dollars for playing the game. Make sure you know how much is placed in the bank. Have everyone shake the bank as well as make a guess on how much is in the piggy bank. The closest one wins a baby shower gift (or centerpiece) while the mommy-to-be gets the piggy bank as a gift along with the money which will help with the new parents to be! A functional baby shower game!

232) Celebrity Baby Match - (Materials: Magazine/Internet cut-outs of celebrities and their children, pens, paper) - A really fun and easy baby shower game to place together is to go on the internet and cut out celebrities and their babies/children. Number them on the back so you remember which child goes with which celeb. Mix up the children and see how many of your guests can match the parents with the babies/children. A really fun and easy game to play during your shower and a baby shower 101 original.

233) Baby Shower Pong - (Materials: ping pong balls, cups, favorite liquids) - There is nothing like the fun collegiate game of beer pong. Set up some cups in a design on a table and use the ping pong balls to get one in the cup. The one who gets one in the cup has someone from the baby shower drink the liquid in the cup. For baby showers, you can temper it down with using iced tea, juice or other fun liquids. If you do use alcohol in the cups, then make a virgin drink for the mommy-to-be or for those who don't drink. A fun and easy baby shower game that will liven up the party.

234) How is Pregnancy Game - (Materials: Balloons, large t-shirts) - Have each of the baby shower game participants see how it feels to have a baby (if they have not had one already) in a game of how flexible it is to have a bump on board. Make everyone blow up a balloon of a certain large size and place it in their shirts. Have them do the following tasks which you can make into a game:

Change your socks
Paint your toenails
Get up and out of a low chair
Pretend to shave your legs
Pick up spare change
Carry a basket of laundry

Think of some other fun ideas and get lots of laughs. Make sure to take lots of pictures and have a ball. Thanks to Doreen for this great baby shower game idea!

235) Baby Embarrassments - (Materials: paper, pens, texting of story) - Have all the baby shower guests write down their most embarrassing child memory. During the baby shower, read the stories and see if the mommy-to-be can guess which guest goes with which story. A really fun baby shower game that can be played at any time!

236) Baby Edible Creations - (Materials: food, fruit, candy, and toothpicks) - Have a wide variety of food that is edible and toothpicks and have all the baby shower participants be given the directions to make the best baby related item out of the food within 10 minutes. Have the mommy-to-be judge the contest and make sure to take a lot of cute pictures of the creations! A great and origional baby shower game from baby shower 101.

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We hope these baby shower games give you a great start in creating the fun at the baby shower! Feel free to email us with other baby shower games that are your favorite so we can share them with others.




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