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196) Baby Shower Story Time - (Materials: baby shower favors or baby shower gifts - During the baby shower, give the mommy-to-be some baby shower favors or gift items (unwrapped) and let her know that she will have to start becoming a good story teller for her new bundle of joy. Have her make up a story to the group, using the favors or gifts in the story. This would be for a mommy-to-be that does not get easily embarrassed but really fun to play. Maybe have others who are willing, join in and create the baby shower story. An original baby shower game from baby shower 101.

197) Baby Shower Storybook - (Materials: pens, pencils, scissors, markers, stapler, tape, glue, stickers) - A fun baby shower game and project is to have all the baby shower guests pitch in and create a story book. Each can create a page of the story as they all work together in first writing a simple fun story that can be personalized. Have some great creative group members illustrate the story and have everyone else color in the book. You  can also take pictures of everyone at the baby shower and glue it on the last page as a great memory for the parents-to-be. An original baby shower game and project from baby shower 101.

198) Draw a Baby - (Materials: Paper plates, pens) - Have the baby shower guests place a paper plate on their head. When the mommy-to-be says go, each guest will try and draw a picture of a baby to the best of their ability on the plate which is on their head. Give everyone one minute to draw a baby and give out a baby shower prize to the mommy-to-be's favorite one. A lot of fun and thanks to Rose for this great baby shower game!

199) Baby Shower Medleys - (Materials: Paper and pens) - Break the baby shower participants into a few teams and have each team take twenty or so minutes to create a personalized poem for the parent's to be. Make it fun by creating a coffee house atmosphere and have the poems read or sung. Have everyone sign the poems that they worked on and place in a keepsake box or album and give as a baby shower gift. An original baby shower game from

200) Baby Shower Idol - (Materials: Karaoke machine, microphones) - Bring some fun to the baby shower by having a sing-off. Give out baby shower prizes for the most original, funniest, best sung, most tone-def, and anything else you dream of. You will have a memorable time in this baby shower singing friendly competition!

201) Mommy ESP - (Materials: Paper and pens) - See how well you can read the mommy-to-be's mind. Have everyone write on a piece of paper the first 10 baby shower items or baby items they think of (examples: pacifier, diaper, bath, rattle, baby food, breast pump, onesies). Have the mommy to be read her list of 10 after everyone finishes in order. See how many the baby shower guests have in common and how close to the order of the mommy-to-be. The winner will have the most in common and the most in order. An original baby shower 101 game.

202) Kiss the Blarney Stone - (Materials: rock and gift of gab) - A great seasonal baby shower game for end of February and March is to bring in the Blarney Stone. According to legend (and Wikipedia), kissing the stone endows the kisser with the gift of gab (great eloquence or skill at flattery). The stone was set into a tower of the castle in 1446. The castle is a popular tourist site in Ireland, attracting visitors from all over the world to kiss the stone and tour the castle and its gardens. During the baby shower games, bring out a stone and give the history of the Blarney Stone. Pass it around and have all the baby shower guests say something nice about the mommy-to-be, parents-to-be, advice for new parents or even a funny story about your own beginning of parenting. A baby shower 101 baby shower game original.

203) Baby Number Songs – (Materials: Paper and Pens) – A really fun baby shower game is to come up with songs that have numbers in them and have your baby shower guests guess the number that needs to be part of the title. I also played a game by searching the web for songs with numbers. An example is the Beatles hit “When I’m 64”. Thanks to Dolores for this great baby shower game.

204) Bottle Races - (Materials- Baby bottles with Milk or alternate drink). Have each participant take a bottle filled with a liquid and suck the bottle as a baby would. The woman who drinks the most in an alloted time wins the baby shower gift. This baby shower game gets everyone laughing!

205) Baby Shower Tummy Draw - (Materials: Washable paints (non toxic), washable markers, camera) - Have each baby shower guest sign her name on the mommy-to-be's tummy. When complete with your masterpiece, take a picture for the mommy to be placed into her newborn's baby book. Be sure to use washable markers so the doctor doesn't have a surprise on her next visit. Thanks to Angela for this great baby shower game.

206) Baby Shower Taboo Word - (Materials: Money) - Start the baby shower off by letting everyone know that there are certain words like "baby", "pregnant", "mommy", or even a cuss word that your baby shower visitors are not allowed to say. Have the mommy-to-be or baby shower planner make a rule that anyone using that word at the shower pays the mommy-to-be for using the taboo words at least $1.00 or whatever you set. A great way for the parents-to-be to make some extra spending money and a fun game for the guests to play at the party! A baby shower game original.

207) Baby Shower Name Game - (Materials: Paper, pens) - This game requires a bit of prep but the baby shower guests seem to enjoy it! Prior to the baby shower, take a piece of paper and on one side of the paper list some names - include the baby's name, mothers name and as many guests names as you can think of; up to 10 to 20 names. Look up the names in a baby book or on line at the site of your choice. In the second column put the meanings of the names in a random order. The guests get the sheet of paper and match up the names with the meanings. Most people will know their own names meaning and you can start out by giving them one other meaning - I usually use the baby's name. The person with the most correct matches is the winner and gets a baby shower prize. Thank you to Karen G. from Canada for this awesome baby shower game! Also visit our top baby shower names section.

208) Baby Shower Traits Game - (Materials: Printout and Pens) - We all want our traits passed to our little ones or want our significant other's traits passed on as well. This is a fun game where you have to remember the traits of the mommy and daddy to be to see who knows their traits/details. A really fun baby shower game to see who can get the most right. Have the mommy to be go in the other room prior to starting so no one cheats on knowing her traits. Thanks to Malia A. for this excellent baby shower game which you can download here.

209) Baby Shower A-B-C Game - (Materials: None) - A really fun and easy baby shower game is to choose a subject like baby items, favorite rock bands, favorite celebrities, etc. and go around the room in alphabetical order to name an item with that letter (i.e., A is for ABC Blocks, B is for Bouncie, C is for Colic) and see who can stay in the game by continuing to name items when it is their turn. The winner will be the one that can think fast and not repeat an item on the second round of the alphabet and can get an item with their letter when it is their turn. Give everyone 10 seconds to give an answer or they are out.

210) Did I Really! - (Materials: None) - Discuss with the girls the funniest or most embarrassing thing you heard you did as a child. This will give the new mommy-to-be some really funny things to watch out for with their little one as well as some great memorable stories!

211) Bun in the Oven Art - (Materials: Copies of pictures for both the mommy and daddy-to-be, glue, tape, markers, canvas/paper) - Have friends and family bring color copies of photos from all ages of the mommy-to-be and daddy-to-be. Get a canvas (from a local art store) or normal paper and cut and paste different features from the pictures on the canvas to create what their baby will look like. A really fun game. There is also an Apple App where you can draw the mommies tummy which you can find here.

212) Baby Shower Game: Big Brother (or Sister) Too - (Materials: large plastic coin bank, shaped like a baby bottle if possible and M&Ms or other candy) - Find a large plastic coin bank shaped like a baby bottle and filled it with M&M's. Baby Shower guests will write their guess of how many M&M's were in the bottle. While mommy opened gifts have someone go through the guesses to find the winner. The bottle with M&M's will go home to the new big brother or sister (if they are old enough) - candy for him/her to eat now - and a coin bank he/she can fill with change to buy a 1st birthday present for his/her new little brother/sister next year. The baby shower guest winner got a large bag of M&M's for themselves or a little baby shower gift.

213) Baby Bootie Toss - (Materials: Baby booties brought by baby shower guests, light bowl, chair, duct tape) - Have everyone who brought baby booties stand in a line with their booties. The more they bring the better. Have each baby shower guest stand around 3-4 feet away from the mommy-to-be (who can stand with the bowl taped above her tummy or sit with the bowl on her tummy). Each baby shower participant will take turns throwing their booties, trying to get them in the bowl. The winner will get a baby shower prize while the mommy-to-be gets to keep the booties she can use with her new little bundle of joy. Thanks to Vivian K. for this great baby shower game!

214) Baby Hop Scotch - (Materials: Chalk, baby shower item, drinks) - Here is a fun retro baby shower game where you create the hop scotch diagram on the ground with chalk and then drop a baby symbolic item for someone to pick up while playing the game of hop scotch. You can even have drinking involved if you want to in making it more memorable (make sure to have a sober driver and not too much drinking and only virgin drinks for the mommy-to-be!) A fun and easy baby shower game that all can play!

215) Mom-To-Be Name Sake Advice - (Materials: colored paper bags preferably colors associated with babies such as /pink and blue/, /yellow, blue, green, and white/ or gender specific if gender is known /girls-pink/, /boys-blue/, letters from the mom to be's first name to paste on front of bags, slips of paper, and pencils) - Give everyone a slip of paper and a pencil. Divide participants into even groups of five. Give each group a bag with a letter from mom to be's name (example: Beth). Each group must come up with advice for the mom that starts with the letter on the bag. Example: B- Burp baby every time after she drinks liquid. Each participant in group must complete a slip and put it in the marked bag. Set a time limit of 5-10 minutes for all groups to complete the task. Once all groups are done, share the advice in order of the letters of the mom to be's name. Thanks to Chandra C. for this wonderful baby shower game addition!

216) Make an Outfit for the Baby - (Materials: baby socks, booties, hat, etc.) - For this baby shower game, have some guests purchase from baby shower clothes that include socks, hats, shirts/onesies, bibs, etc. Hide the baby clothes all over the baby shower venue and have guests look for the baby clothes throughout the whole shower. Whoever can make an outfit for the sex of the baby boy or girl before the shower ends wins the game. An added plus is that all of the clothes will make for great baby shower gifts. Thanks to Lanna for this great baby shower game!

217) Baby Bottle Milk Races - (Materials: Baby bottles, milk, timer) - Have everyone who wants to participate be given an 8 oz baby bottle with milk. See who can win by drinking the milk the quickest out of the baby bottle. A fun game to watch so make sure to take lots of pictures. Thanks to Kate N. on this wonderful baby shower game idea!

218) Random Number Game - (Materials: Name tags, pen) - Give baby shower guests a name tag to write their name on when they come through the door also have them write a number from 1-50. At the end of the shower after all the baby shower gifts are opened you will reveal that the number they have written on their name tag stands for how many bibs the mother to be received as gifts. The one with the number on their name tag that is closest to the amount of bibs wins a prize. You can even do this with diapers or any popular baby shower gift item. Thanks to Mary for this great and easy baby shower game!

219) Potty Pong - (Materials: Potty chair, ping pong balls (6)) - This is a spinoff of the Beer Pong game played in college that has now been renamed Potty Pong - without the beer. Place the potty chair with the lid up at the end of a long table. Have each baby shower participant stand at the other end of the table and have each guest try to bounce the ping pong balls in the potty chair. You can play teams or solo and can give the chair as a baby shower gift after the baby shower game is finished. Thanks to Diane A. for the great picture and a great baby shower game!


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