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180) Baby Shower Guess The Present - (Materials: Paper, Tape, Pens) - A fun game for everyone at the baby shower to participate in. Have each of the baby shower gifts numbered. At lunch time, have the mommy-to-be open her baby shower gifts and let everyone with a paper and pen guess what is in each gift before it is opened (other than their own gift). It is fun to see how many people get it right by the size of boxes, sounds the present makes prior to opening, etc. An easy baby shower game to play anywhere.

181) Celebrities Babies Name - (Materials: tape or bobby pins, paper, pens) - Before the baby shower, make name tags for the guests. The names have to be Celebrities baby names. Put the name tags on each baby shower guest's back or shirt as they arrive. Tell them they cannot look at their own tag. Inform the baby shower guests of the rules. You have to try to guess what you are by asking "Yes" or "No" questions about who the parents are or in reference to their child name. When the baby shower guest figures out what the name is, then they can remove the paper off of their back. First guesser wins a baby shower prize. Thanks to Jessica for this wonderful baby shower game you can download here.

182) Baby Shower Logo Game - (Materials: prior to the party, cut out logos of baby products that don't have names in the logos like Gerber's, paper, pens) - Prior to the baby shower, print out logos of baby products; such as Gerber, Fisher Price, Pampers, etc. which you can get off of the internet - and then cut them out. If you have a logo with a name, cross out the name with black ink. Then place the logos on a piece of paper, numbering each one. See who can get the most right. Thanks to Vicki for this great baby shower game!

183) Online Baby Shower Game - (Materials: Computer with internet connection) - An easy and cheap way to play a baby shower game is to play the free baby related games below and keep scores for each baby shower participant. Give out baby shower prizes for the best scores and have fun cheering your friends on. This is a very economical game that does not cost anyone anything nor any time since it is always online in this spot. Click here to bring up a new window with the online games.

184) Preggers or Porn - Warning-not for all baby shower audiences (Materials - 10 or more separate pictures of women's faces or include all pictures on one large poster) - Get some magazines with women in labor and some adult magazines of women making whoopee. Half of the pictures should be of women's faces while giving birth and the other half of the pictures should be of women's faces during... ahem... "in the act" of conception). Have one woman hold up or pass around each of the pictures or the poster with the pictures attached. Each of the guests must write down their guess for each picture - Is the woman giving birth or having sex? One point is awarded for every correct answer. The winner has a lot of talent! You decide on her baby shower prize.

185) Kiss The Teddy Bear - (Materials: Stuffed Teddy Bear or any stuffed animal) - Pass around a cute stuffed animal and have every baby shower guest kiss it anywhere they like (i.e., ear ,belly, feet) while you write down there name and place where they kissed it. Next, bring in the mommy to be and have the baby shower guest, kiss the mommy-to-be in the same place they kissed the stuffed animal. It's fun and hilarious when a guest kisses her nose, feet. The mommy to be will pick a winner which will be her most embarrassing kiss! The stuffed animal can be given as a baby shower gift and you can take lots of pictures to keep great memories of the event! Thanks to Anita R. for this great baby shower game!

186) Baby Shower Sing-a-longs - (Materials: Baby Shower participants) - Break the baby shower guests into teams and give them 5 minutes to come up with baby nursery rhymes that they can teach the mommy-to-be (even if she already knows them). You can have them make up real ones (i.e., hickory dickory dock, Mary had a little lamb) or make up their own. Each group has to take turns performing them which makes for a memorable time! A baby shower game original from baby shower 101.

187) Baby Shower Beach Sculpture - (Materials: Beach sand, beach shovels, carving items, pails) - Have a baby shower at the beach which is a great location and can be next to some favorite beach eateries. Have all the guests sculpt the best baby related item and have them use their creativity in coming up with the best and most creative. Give out some baby shower awards as the mommy-to-be judges. Have a great time with this baby shower beach theme party!

188) Feed the Piggy - (Materials: coins, piggy bank, stopwatch) - Get $15-20 worth of coins and hide them around the room for a hide and seek type of baby shower game. The guest who finds the most (by weight) wins a special prize and the coins go into a piggy bank for the newborn child. The twist is that the guests can "cheat". Meaning they may add to their pile with whatever coinage they have on hand (purse, pocket, car etc.) That part is optional but no one is left out. Thanks to Jody for this great baby shower game.

189) Baby Shower Thank You Card Draw - (Materials: Thank you cards and envelopes, pens, bag) - . Once the baby shower attendees arrive, give them each an envelope (that goes with the baby shower thank you cards you purchased) and have them write their name and address on it. Put them is whatever you would like and draw an envelope for a baby shower prize. Now momma to be has all the name and addresses and can send out Thank you cards more easily! Thanks to baby shower contributor Amy C. of WV for this great baby shower game!

190) Bobbing for Pacifiers - (Materials: baby bath, pacifiers, water, timer) - Fill up the baby bath 3/4ths full and with mild/warm later. Add some baby pacifiers to the water. Have the baby shower participants try and retrieve the pacifier with their teeth. A really fun baby shower game that also gives the baby bath and pacifiers as a present after the game is completed.

191) Baby Shower Resolutions - (Materials: Paper, pens) - A fun idea is to ask the mommy-to-be, father-to-be and their parents some pre-shower questions of what have as "new years" or "new baby" resolutions (i.e., Lose weight, eat better, get a new car, learn how to Latin dance) then have every baby shower guest on paper guess who would have chosen the resolution. The guest who guesses the most right wins a prize! An original baby shower game from baby shower 101.

192) Name That Sentence - (Materials: Printed Paper and pens) - Another easy baby shower game to play is to see how many of your baby shower guests can figure out some popular sayings we have grown up with. Some of our ideas include:

A stitch in time_____________ (answer: saves nine)

Speak softly and carry ____________ (answer: and carry a big stick - Theodore Roosevelt)

A penny saved is a penny ___________ (answer: earned - Benjamin Franklin)

Behind every great man is ____________ (answer: a great woman - Unknown)

If the shoe fits _____________ (answer: wear it - Unknown 18th century)

Honesty is the _____________(answer: best policy - Benjamin Franklin)

Too many cooks _____________ (answer: spoils the broth - Unknown of English or Russian decent)

You are either with us __________(answer: or against us - George W. Bush)

A house divided ___________(answer: cannot stand - Abraham Lincoln)

One man's junk is ___________(answer: another man's treasure - Unknown)

Come up with your own or look them up on the Internet. A fun and challenging baby shower game for those that like trivia. Extra points if the baby shower guests know who stated the quote for those that are known. An original baby shower game from BabyShower101.

193) Baby Names - (Materials: Paper, pens) - Ask the mommy-to-be prior to the baby shower her list of top 5 baby names. If the gender is already known for the baby, then stick with the gender specific baby names. Ask each baby shower guest to make a list of the top 5 baby boy or baby girl names that the mommy to be likes. The person with the most names in common with the mommy-to-be wins! (excluding immediate friends or relatives that may know the favorite baby names already). Thanks to Jemimah M. for this great baby shower game!

So simple; no fuss, no extra props 75 Printable Baby Shower Games with Answers.

194) Baby Shower Blunders - (Materials: Paper and Pens) - Have the mommy-to-be tell the baby shower guests a few funny stories that are supposedly true about her when she was a baby (have the grandma to be give you this information prior to the shower). Have the mommy-to-be mix up fact and fiction by telling some of the true stories and some that she makes up. Have everyone guess if the stories are true or false with ten stories being told. See how many of your baby shower guests get them all right. An original baby shower game by

195) Baby Diaper Creations - (Materials: Diapers, pens, scissors, glue, tape) - Have all the baby shower guests get one diaper and see what each person can make out of it within 20 minutes. Give baby shower prizes for the most creative and most funny creations. A great and easy baby shower game and a baby shower 101 original. You can also order beautiful diaper cakes as baby shower gifts which go over very well!


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We hope these baby shower games give you a great start in creating the fun at the baby shower!



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