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165) Name the children from the following TV families - (Materials: paper, pens) - The following baby shower game is great for trivia nuts and related to children of TV. See how many of the baby shower guests can guess these correct:

1. What was the name of Fred and Wilma's child on The Flintstones? Pebbles
2. What were the names of Ross Gellar's 2 children on Friends? Ben and Emma
3. Name the 3 kids on The Simpsons: Bart, Maggie and Lisa
4. Name the 4 children on Family Ties: Alex, Mallory, Jennifer, Andy
5. Name the 5 Huxtable kids on The Cosby Show: Sondra, Denise, Theo, Vanessa and Rudy
6. Name the 6 Brady Bunch kids: Marcia, Jan, Cindy, Greg, Peter and Bobby

Thanks to Caitlyn for this great baby shower game!

166) Cheesy Baby - (Materials: Paper, pens) - Have everyone think of funny sayings that would relate to the parent's-to-be and their new baby relating to cheese. This outlandish game gets funny as people's witty side comes out. For instance, here are some statements that can be made relating to cheese:

The baby's name may be Kolby, Jack or Brie
The parent's are Swiss and very holy
The mommy has aged a lot since the pregnancy
The baby will play in the stringed quartet when older
I hope the little one is not a muenster
The baby class was so cheesy

Have everyone write more down and then compare. Lots of fun with this outlandish baby shower game! A baby shower 101 origional.

167) Baby Poo Pong - ( Materials: 6 diapers, a brown thin sock and rice) - Make "baby poo" by filling the bottom of a sock with rice and folding it over into a ball. Take the 6 diapers and make "cups" out of them by opening up the diapers and then securing them as you would if they were on a baby. Line up the 6 diapers into a triangle and then tape them together. Every guest at the shower receives 5 turns throwing the "poo" into the diaper cups. The one who gets the poo into the diapers the most times wins. This is best for smaller baby showers (or good for dad and friends to play). Thanks to Liz M. for this great baby shower game!

168) Baby Shower Candy Adlibs - (Materials: candy bars, paper, pens) - Purchase several different candies and candy bars such as Snickers, Twix, Almond Joy, Skittles, Starburst, Baby Ruth, Hershey's etc. Divide the baby shower guests into groups until you have 2-4 groups. Each group will then be given instructions to write a paragraph of how the mommy to be will react when having the baby or her experience on the way to the hospital when she goes into labor. The group must find a way to incorporate the candies they were provided into the paragraph. This way the story is creative. After everyone has read their stories the mommy to be, she will choose a winner. Hand out baby shower door prizes to each person of the group. Thanks to Teona for this great baby shower game!

169) Guess The Gerber's: (Materials - Gerber's infant food, pads of paper and pens). Take the labels off of the baby food jars and have the women at the baby shower guess the food (carrots, peas, sweet potato). Most fun to play up to 10 jars of different kinds of foods. If there is a tie, blindfold the women and have them taste one of the jars and guess the right flavor to win their prize.

170) Baby Shower Poopie Diaper Game - (Materials: Pack of diapers, mustard, tootsie rolls, baby trashcan) - Get a packages of diapers and place mashed up tootsie rolls and mustard mix in one of the diapers to make it look poopie-ish. Take all of the diapers and place them in the diaper trashcan (that can be used as a baby shower gift after the game is over. Have everyone reach in and grab a diaper and then all open them at once to see who has the poopie diaper. That baby shower guest wins a baby shower prize for the winner. A great baby shower game for a co-ed or man shower Thanks to Bill for this great baby shower game.

171) International Baby Shower - (Materials: Printout, pens) - This is a real fun baby shower game where you print out the following game which has you cross-match each listed countries word for "baby". Thanks to Maria G. for this baby shower game idea. Click here to download the game.

172) Bad Hair Day - (Bows, Barrettes, Bobby Pins, Water Bottles, Gel, Bowl of Water, Towels, Chairs) - Have four-six baby shower participants (women) sit on chairs and have other baby shower participants or preferably men (if  invited to the baby shower) fix the women's hair. Scene: Ok, it's the new babies first day of school. Mommy is rushing out the house because she has to work earlier than usual. Baby is running late for school and it's daddy's job to get her up for school and get her dressed. This is when the men or participants take place and fix the women sitting in chairs hair. They are to be timed and do the best they can to fix the women's hair.. It can be timed from 1-2 minutes, depending on the planner. Take lots of pictures and have fun with the event. Make sure you choose women who are good sports about their hair being messed up. A great game for co-ed baby showers. Thanks to Sonia for a great baby shower game.

173) "B" is for Baby - (Materials paper and pens passed out to all the women). Each woman is told to write the babies Mom-To-Be and Father-To-Be's name on a paper going vertically down the page. Next to each letter of both names, create a word that is baby related or things that kids like. An example of using the names Kim and Dan:

K= kite D=drool
I= ice cream A=alphabet
M= mother N=nap

The one who guesses the most words that are the same as the mother-to-be wins a prize.

174) The Fertilized Egg Hunt - (Materials: Plastic Easter eggs, tiny plastic baby, other small little fun gifts that would fit in the Easter Eggs). Lay Easter eggs around the baby shower venue( and have one or a few of the eggs filled with tiny plastic babies and the rest of the eggs filled with other items. Have the baby shower guests each find one egg and whoever finds the egg(s) with the baby inside wins. This would be especially fun if there were children involved at the baby shower. Thanks to Jennifer B. for this great baby shower game.

175) Baby Shower Stork Visit - (Materials: Stork costume, baby shower gift, music). Have someone who is a major ham dress up as a stork and walk around the room (stork-like). Don't tell anyone what is going on and then have someone randomly stop the music. Hand out baby shower prizes for anyone who is next to the stork when you stop playing the music. You will get lots of laughs, especially at the costume if you have the right baby shower actor! Thanks to Sue S. for this great baby shower game.

176) Baby Shower Depends - (Materials: Depends, Markers). Split the baby shower guest into teams. Give each team a marker and an adult depend diaper. Say that the baby to be needs to look its best and that each team must come up with a design on the depend diaper that they think would look great on the baby. Give them a time limit of 5 min. When time is called, have each team choose one member to show it off and have them stand up. Have each baby shower team choose a member that will present it fashion show style. Have them put the depend on and strut down the cat walk and back and have the mommy to be (and daddy to be if he is there) judge for the winner (If not comfortable in wearing the depend, they can hold it up and discuss the fashion statement). You can even play music as each baby shower participant walks down. Thanks to Amy from KY for this great baby shower game!

177) "The Liars Club" - (Materials: unique baby shower gift small items, index cards, pens) - Nowadays there are a lot of new and innovative gadgets for kids and even new moms cannot know all the stuff out there. Go to any baby shower store and you can find unique baby shower gifts. In this game follow the instructions below:

Step 1: You pick 4 - 8 different unique baby objects (fabric sling, ball holding cheerios, the thing to put fruit so the baby can suck through the holes, the medicine dispenser syringe, the "roll in the forehead" thermometer, anything weird looking stuff)

Step 2: You (previous) to the shower, select three baby shower guests to present the products to the other guests, they would prepare what they're going to say (you can give them a short script). Two would lie and one would say the truth for each product of what it actually does.

Step 3: You had given in advance a sheet to the guessers so they can write down who they think it's telling the truth for each product (it can be done by table)

Whoever gets the more right answers wins. Thanks to Gianni for this great baby shower game.

178) The Fairy Virtues - (Materials: Index cards and pens) - Based on the "Sleeping beauty" activity, you tell that each guest is a fairy and that we will all grand one virtue to the baby. Print some cards where it has the name of the virtue, and leave a space so the person can write their own name and next to it, and the definition of the virtue. Each guest will pick one, write their name and in the back of it, they would write something personal to the baby/mom/family related to the virtue they picked. This can be placed in a baby shower photo memory album where the mommy-to-be can also take pictures next to each baby shower guest. Thanks again to Gianni for this great baby shower game.

179) Baby Shower Word Scramble - (Materials: Printout and pens) - This baby shower game favorite is easy to play at any shower. Click here for the .pdf printout and make copies for all of your guests. It is an easy and fast baby shower game to play. Limit the time to only 3 minutes which will place some time pressure to see how many words your baby shower guests can descramble. Thanks to Lisa S for this great baby shower game.


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We hope these baby shower games give you a great start in creating the fun at the baby shower!




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