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136) Baby Shower Word Search - (Materials: Paper and pens/pencils) - Create or download a baby shower word search game by mixing letters between real baby shower words that you can place in a word box and list the words you have hidden at the bottom of the page. We have a free version given to us by baby shower 101 visitor Dawn. You can find the Baby Shower word search here and the Baby Shower Word Search Key here. Thanks again Dawn for a great baby shower game for all to enjoy!

137) Baby Shower Shirt Game - (Materials: Pink and/or blue baby shower napkins and pen) - Give each baby shower guest a napkin, pink or blue , and have them hold it behind their back. Tell every participant to make a baby shirt by tearing the best they can behind their back with out looking. Time limit of 4 minutes. Once they take the napkin from behind their back, they cannot do anything else. Have each participant write their name on the back of their creation and place in a row on the floor. Let the mommy to be pick out the best one. Thanks to Lola for this great baby shower game.

138) Water Breaks - (Materials: 1" plastic baby figures, balloons, water) - This is a great baby shower game ideally for outdoor showers, considering it may get a little messy. Take 8-10 dark colored deflated balloons and squeeze an artificial baby inside. In one of the balloons, put two babies in a single balloon (twins). Put that balloon inside a bigger inflated balloon with some water. Guests will have to find creative ways to pop the balloon (considering they will get a little wet) to find out if they have the twin baby balloon. The guest with the winning balloon gets the prize. Great game especially for mothers to be carrying twins or multiples! Thanks to Quineka for an awesome baby shower game!

139) Baby Egg Hunt - (Materials: Easter Eggs, little plastic baby toys) - This game is perfect for Easter or any time you want to play a baby shower game indoors our out. Purchase a pack of the empty plastic Easter eggs and have a baby shower Easter egg hunt. Use a little pack of plastic baby toys (miniature) and place one baby in 6 of the Easter eggs. In all of the other Easter eggs, place candy or a cute message. The goal of the baby shower game is to find the most babies by the end of the shower and second is to get the most eggs. Hide the eggs around the house, inside or out, depending on where you live and the season. The first place goes to the person who collects the most eggs with babies in them. For a tie breaker, just see who had collected the most eggs. Baby shower visitor, Meghan, stated, "I worked with a pack of 42 eggs total for my party which worked fine... more or less could have worked too I'm sure." This is a great game to even play if children are present for the baby shower. Thanks Meghan.

140) Baby Shower Link Game - (Materials: Paper, pen, plastic container and scissors) - Think of baby shower items that relate to a newborn actions like the following:

Diaper Changing = baby powder, rash cream, diapers, wipes
Sleeping = pacifyier, noise machine, rocking chair, night light
Feeding = spoon, bottle, jar, pump machine
Playing = rattle, teddy bear, chew toy, ball

Create cutout items of each category and place them in separate containers. Have teams take out one item at a time to see how fast they can guess the right answer. Come up with more obscure items to make it harder as well as other categories. A different variant of the game is to mix all pieces together and see how many can come up with the right newborn activities with the right items in each category as teams.

141) Baby Shower Baby Name Purse Game - (Materials: paper, pens) - Hand out paper with the baby-to-be's name written downwards (one letter per line), then ask the baby shower guests to find an item in their purse that begins with each letter in the baby's name. The first guest to complete the most letters first wins! If the name is short, use the first and last name. Thanks to Tiffany for this great baby shower game. Click here for a downloadable MS Word version.

142) Birthday Card Game - (Materials: Construction paper, pens, crayons, stickers, envelopes) - Give each baby shower guest an envelope and piece of construction paper. You assign each guest a number one through the number of guest present. Whatever number they get is the birthday card they have to make for the baby! Example: If you get 5, you have to make a birthday card for the baby's 5th birthday! Lots of fun and creativity for all baby shower guests. You can scrapbook the cards for great memories! Thanks to Ashley for this great baby shower game idea.

143) Mommy-To-Be Baby Shower Pee - (Materials: Pens and paper) - Everyone knows that the mother-to-be needs to make many stops to the bathroom when pregnant. Have everyone guess before the baby shower starts how many times the mommy-to-be will pee during the baby shower. Give a baby shower prize to the guest that guesses the closest! Thanks to Malinda for this great baby shower game.

144) Cucumber pass - (Materials: cucumber and music) - Have music ready. Have everyone makes a circle. Have a shower member put the cucumber between the knees, then have them pass it to the next person while the music plays. The person receiving the cucumber has to try to grab the cucumber without using hands. If it falls pick it up and continue playing. Once the music stops the person with cucumber still between the knees is out. ( It's a baby shower version of hot potato). Thanks to Candice for this wonderful baby shower game.

145) Baby Toy Assembly Race - (Materials: Two toys given as baby shower gifts that need to be assembled with an equal amount of parts, different tools to assemble) - Purchase two baby/toddler toys that need to be assembled (e.g., a riding toy, bicycle, doll house) supply a bunch of different tools or even better if you have them use a butter knife instead of a screwdriver (sure to get a lot of laughs when they look and look for the flate head screwdriver, and realize there isn't one). Place baby shower guests into two different teams and see how fast they can complete the assembly. Thanks for Brandi for this great baby shower game which is also great for baby shower father-to-be parties.

146) It's Not My Baby - (Materials: 4 baby dolls, lullaby music and cd player/ipod) - Have all the baby shower guests in a circle and pass out the baby dolls. Start playing the lullaby music (which can be a baby shower gift after the game. Stop the music randomly and whomever is holding the babies is out. As they pass the baby around, each baby shower participant states, "Not my baby". As people are removed, so are the extra dolls until there are 5 people left with only one doll. Thanks to Rach for this wonderful baby shower game!

147) Hot Diaper Trivia Questions - (Materials: Downloaded Game Answers, 2 Diapers, Chocolate Optional, Music) - This combines two of our former baby shower games where you divide the baby shower guests into two teams. Have the teams sit in two circles within their own teams. Have each team pass around a diaper (chocolate in the middle optional for funny effect) and play the music. When the music stops, each participant that is holding the diaper at the time the music stops must answer a question from the list attached here MS Word version / .txt version. You will get loads of laughs from the baby shower guests! Alternative rules to play this game are on the downloaded baby shower game. Thanks to Julie for this great baby shower game addition!

148) Baby Shower SayLibs - (Materials: pen and paper) - This is a great game for those baby shower guests that don't want to play any baby shower games. As the couple opens gifts, you write down the statements they say regarding the gift (i.e. "It's sooo cute", "look how tiny", "I love it"). At the end, the game is "What was said on the night of conception" and you read back all the statements. Very funny! Thanks to Barbara for this very funny baby shower game!

149) Don't Drop the Baby - (Materials: Hard Boiled Eggs, spoons, markers, pens, yarn, glue, glitter and tape for a finish line) - If the weather is nice, this game is very fun. Have everyone decorate an egg like a baby. You can draw a face and hair with a marker or you can get out some glue and use glitter and yarn. Baby shower guests will be using these eggs in a spoon race. Each person holds a spoon between their teeth or hand and balance their newly created egg-baby while trying to cross the finish line. No hands allowed! Thanks to baby shower visitor Rebecca from TN for a wonderful game!

150) Baby Shower Celebrity Match Game - (Materials: Pens and Printout) - Everyone loves to guess celebrity baby pictures. Click here (1.3mb file) for a great baby shower game in MS Word format made by one of our baby shower visitors which we love! See who can guess most of the baby celebrities and give them a baby shower gift. She even made a cheat sheet for you. Thanks again B for this wonderful game!

Here are the answers to the celebrities as babies game:
Row 1 Janet Jackson, Michael Jordan, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Lope
Row 2 C. Zeta Jones, Halley Berry, Paul McCartny, Michael Jackson
Row 3 J. Timberlake, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston, Prince Charles
Row 4 Leonardo DiCaprio, D. Barrymore, President Obama, John Travolta


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