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Baby Shower


Most Popular baby shower favors and trends for 2010 from Joyce Kreger of Pretty Favors. If you are looking to find the perfect baby shower favors, hear about some new shower favor trends or just want to have more ideas, here are some guidelines for selecting trendy, new, and best-selling items:

Types of Baby Shower Favors

Unique Baby Shower Favors
Your favors will be the talk of your baby shower if you think of something unique to give your guests. Just about any gift can be displayed as a baby shower favor, simply by adding a baby theme tag, sticker or wrapping. Ideas include: kitchen utensils, timers, decorative kitchen towels, personalized nail files, mint tins with a an image of the baby's sonogram, ice cream scoops, sachets, strong decorative magnets, pens, notepads and more.

You can also find unique favors at your local farmers market or craft show. As an extra benefit, your baby shower favors will have a fresh local flavor. Ideas include: jams, honey, maple syrup, soaps, hot sauce, salsa, potted herbs, or just about anything you think would be popular. Please them in a cute picnic basket that can be used by the family along with napkins and silverware (baby plastic-ware as well). If you really think about your guests and what they would enjoy taking home and using, your baby shower favors are sure to be a hit. Think of them as little baby shower gifts.

Cheap Baby Shower Favors
In this case, the word cheap refers to pricing, not necessarily quality. The general rule is the more work you do, the less expensive the favor becomes. Homemade items are ideal, especially edible treats. For example you can buy candy at a discount store, wrap it in colored tulle, place a personalized tag on it, and you are all set. You can also find a variety of cute decorative boxes which are perfect for holding small treats.

There are also some adorable useful items available for under $2.00 like scented candles, candy jars, bookmarks, personalized fortune cookies, lollipops, mini photo frames, custom candy bars, lip balm, personalized tea, coffee, and lemonade, key chains, cookie cutters and more.

Baby Shower Centerpieces with Favors
A great way to decorate your tables and save money is with a baby shower centerpiece that contains your favors. A clear, inexpensive vase can serve to hold favors including baby-shaped chocolate lollipops, wrapped decorative cookies on a stick, or old-time candy swirl lollipops in pink or blue. Small flowering plant favors can also be part of the centerpiece.

Practical Baby Shower Favors
The year of giving plastic storks as favors is long gone. Guests appreciate favors that they can actually take home and use. Bottle stoppers, bottle openers, post it notes, luggage tags, purse hangers, measuring tapes, picture frames, photo coasters, photo holders, photo albums, and trinket holders are just a few practical items available.

Homemade Baby Shower Favors
There are two reasons that homemade baby shower favors are all the rage. They tend to be economical and show effort on the part of the host. Baked goods, including cookies, brownies, cupcakes, pastries, top the list as favorite homemade baby shower favors. Even if you are not a baker, you can get some delicious brownie and cookie mixes at your local warehouse store. Place treats in a cello bag, add a gift tag or sticker, and you have a finished favor. You can also decorate inexpensive colored bags with a baby theme imprint using a rubber stamp.

Baby Shower Supplies
Add a baby feel to your homemade favors with inexpensive supplies like plastic pacifiers, teddy bears, rattles and more. Mini porcelain baby-shaped items and ribbons are also great to use as decorations. Finally, decorated cellophane bags are affordable and easy to find.

Pink and Brown Favors or Teal Blue and Brown Favors
Chocolate brown is "the new black" when it comes to baby shower favors. While baby blue and pastel pink have always been in vogue, baby shower hosts are adding chocolate brown to the mix. There are many favors, accessories, and tableware in both pink and brown as well as teal blue and brown.

Baby Shower Theme Favors
More and more baby showers are planned with a theme in mind. Here are some popular favors to fit a variety of themes:

Animal Baby Shower Favors
A rising star in the favor industry, animals seem to be everywhere. Here are some of the top animal themes along with favor ideas:

Teddy Bear Baby Shower Favors
This furry friend has and continues to be a common baby shower theme. Because of this longer term trend, there are lots of teddy bear favors available like: soaps, frames, candles, actual mini teddy bears, crystal figurines, and teddy bear shaped jars, chocolate bear shape lollipops.

Baby Animal Favors
Babies and baby animals are so cute, which may explain why they are newly in vogue. Baby animals like a monkey, lion, zebra, frog, bird, owl, elephant, duck, puppy giraffe, and bunny also appear at many showers. Fortunately there are many choices of favors with animal decorations. Items include candles, cookie mixes, cookies, lollipops, notepads, mint tins, and seed packets.

Noah’s Ark Favors
This is a trendy and popular idea now along with safari and king of the jungle baby shower favors.

Ladybug Baby Shower Favors
Seeing a ladybug theme as part of the most widely held baby showers may be a surprise to you. Maybe it's because they are cute and colorful, but whatever the reason, there are many favors abound. Ladybug mint tins, pens, magnets, Oreos, candy wrappers, and soaps are just a few of the favors available for this theme. It would be very easy to make and decorate ladybug sugar cookies using a round cookie cutter you already have on hand.

Butterfly Baby Shower Favors
You will have an enormous selection of butterfly baby shower favors because the butterfly theme is also used for weddings, bridal showers, garden parties and other events. Favors include: butterfly place cards holders, candy dishes, memo with a butterfly clip, compact, wine stopper, paper box candy holders, and more.

Spa Favors
Pampering yourself is always in style, and spa favors are gaining in popularity. Bath salts, lotions, soaps, manicure sets, lip balm, combs and nail files are great crowd pleasers.

Couples Baby Shower Favors
Men are starting to join their wives or girlfriends when attending baby showers. It is very important that favors appeal to both sexes and are not too feminine. Edible or drinkable items seem to be the favors of choice. Functional items with unisex designs, like wine tools, mini tools, measuring tapes and keychains will also be welcomed by men and women.

Green Baby Shower Favors
Eco-friendly baby showers are very prevalent these days. Favors include seed packets, seed cards, and small flowering plants. Anything that helps the environment is a "green" favor, like a recycled bag for grocery shopping. Giving any useful item that doesn't have any additional wrapping is also considered a "green" move.

Polka Dot Baby Shower Favors
This shower theme is great for selecting favors because anything polka dot is fair game. It is also nice because polka dots fit in with anyone's decor. You can also simply wrap any favor of your choice in polka dot paper. Current trendy favors include polka dot ceramic photo frames, polka dot purse manicure sets, and bath confetti favors with polka dot ribbon.

Beach Baby Shower Favors
There are so many favor options for a beach theme shower including: beach chair frames, flip flop luggage tags, shell bottle stoppers, beach pail candy holders, and sail boat candles. You can also purchase individual mini sand pails at the dollar store, decorate them with the guestes names and fill them with treats.

Pickles and Ice Cream Favors
Motheres cravings must have something to do with the rise in popularity of the pickles and ice cream theme showers. Although ice cream scoops are by far the best selling of the ice cream favors, you can also find ice cream bowls, towels, salt and pepper shakers, timers or key chains.

Tea Party Baby Shower Favors
A baby shower is a great excuse to have a tea party. Favors can include flavored tea bags, tea rests, honey, and tea infusers. Most tea party baby showers include dainty cookies which can also be packaged as favors.

Check out our other baby shower favors pages as well as our baby shower themes which will help in the process of choosing the right favors for your shower!

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