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Baby Shower


Baby shower party favors are one of those nice touches at the baby shower. Itís common for the host or hosts to give small, thoughtful baby shower favors to each of the guests to thank them for coming. These are small gifts that are in addition to the game prizes that some guests may have won during the shower. Some hosts like for the favors to tie in with the theme of the shower, but itís up to you!

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When should you give out the baby shower favors? Itís up to you! You may want to decorate with them. For instance, depending what you choose, they can help decorate the tables. You can also use the party favors to help add some color here by placing them around the room. Then again, you might want to save the favors for the end of the shower. So that you donít forget to give someone their favor, you might put all of them out on a table so that your guests can take on when theyíre leaving the shower.

  • Baby bottles filled with assorted candies Ė these make great balloon weights during the party
  • Scented votive candles, which smell beautiful during the baby shower
  • Baby socks Ė buy assorted candies, fill the socks with the candy and tie the top with a ribbon
  • Cookie cutters in the shape of babies, baby bottles, pacifiers, etc.
  • Personalized Candy Bars - buy personalized wrappers to wrap mommy-to-beís favorite candy bars
  • Pretty bath and body soaps, lotions, bath salts wrapped in lace
  • Cute ceramics of baby booties, bottles, teddy bears or carriages
  • Small picture frames for your guest to fill
  • Flower pots or vases with a small, fresh cut flowers
  • Candles in the shape of baby bottles, baby booties, duckies or bunnies
  • Yellow soft stuffed animal duckies or rubber duckies that squirt water in the bath

You can also buy these great candy party favors:

  • Jelly Belly It's a Boy/Girl Candy
  • Mini Pacifier Sweet Tarts
  • Noah's Ark Gummy Animal Favors
  • Baby Feet Lollipops
  • Baby Shower Cookies in the shape of baby bottles or carriages
  • Lollipops (blue or pink) in the shape of baby bottles, baby feet, or rattles
  • Baby Magnets with Mommy-to-be's due date
  • Baby fabric bags filled with potpourri, bath beads or candy
  • Fortune cookies with Thank you messages
  • Assorted tea bags wrapped in pretty fabric bags tied with a lace ribbon

Guests go Ga-Ga over new baby shower themes, games, favors etc.

Other baby shower favor ideas:

Bun In The Oven - cook some cinnamon buns (you can get from Pillsbury) in the oven. When cooled, place one of the buns in a clear bag with a cute ribbon for presentation. Place a note with each of the buns stating "Thank you for coming from "name of mommy-to-be" and her little bun in the oven". Thanks to Ashley for this cute baby shower favor idea!

Baby Shower Favors - Diaper Candy Napkin Holders - To make diaper favors, take a square paper napkin, fold in half (into a triangle). Bring two long sides together in the middle and the point up to meet the two long sides. Pin all three sides together at the center making a diaper. Melt some parafin wax and dip the diaper. Place on wax paper to dry making sure to keep diaper open so candy can be placed in diaper when wax is dry. These are very cute and can be done to match the theme or colors of the baby shower. Thanks to Tracey for such a cute baby shower favor idea!


Green Baby Shower FavorsThe baby shower is to celebrate the mommy-to-be and baby, but it is always a classy gesture to offer your guests a baby shower favor to send them home with a thank you for their baby shower gifts
and a memento of the wonderful event they attended.

With everyone trying to do their part to be kind to the environment, eco-friendly or "green" baby shower favors are quickly becoming the most popular kind of baby shower party favors. Baby shower hosts and mommys-to-be are having green baby showers - in which the theme and gifts are all organic or otherwise eco-friendly - and are giving green baby shower favors to show their guests that they are doing their part to protection of the earth and encourage them to do the same.

Packets of flower or plant seeds (to plant in baby's honor) are one of the most popular green baby shower favors. New "plantable" paper, which after its used can be planted to grow into plants, flowers, herbs, etc., can be used for invitations, thank you cards, shower decorations, table assignment cards and more. These also make a great conversation piece.

The reason for the popularity of seed packets is that they symbolize new life and growth. Hosts can hand-make chic covers out of pretty paper with the baby's name or, if the name is not yet know or being shared, the mommy-to be's name and baby shower date. You can also give a few packages of different types of seeds (plants, flowers or herbs) and wrap them all together in paper or tie them up with a ribbon.

Potted plants and flowers are also very popular baby shower favors because they can be used for decorations. To match the shower theme, small pots can be decorated with pretty wrap or can be painted. They make great centerpieces! Also, small plants (one for each guest) can both decorate tables and by writing or painting guests' names on the pot wrapping, these beautiful mementos can replace separate table place cards (a seating chart is a good idea if you're having a big group and/or you want people who don't know one another to mix more).

Handmade soaps, soy candles, custom made stationary, organic wash cloths and other organic products are also great green baby shower favors that are sure to delight guests. Soy candles and soaps are among the more trendy of this bunch because of their duel purpose of looking great as table decorations at the party. A cute twist on giving soy candles is placing them in empty baby food jars. Or, you can find floating soy candles to go with a spa theme for your favors and baby shower game prizes. If you really want to have fun and be creative, you can buy candle molds in baby shapes, colored soy wax and wicks to make your own soy candles.

Another growing trend in baby shower favors is giving organic or free trade products. Popular free trade products include gourmet coffee, tea and chocolates. If the original wrappers are not elegant or well-suited to your shower theme, hand made wrappers, decorative glass containers or tins are best. Small fruit baskets and other edible items (chocolates, candies and even cookies) also follow the green theme.

The great thing about many of these green baby shower favors is that the baby shower decorations will be handmade (or the whole item is hand-made), which often makes them less expensive than specialty store-bought products. You can customize your baby shower favors exactly as you like to your baby shower theme. And, as with all gifts, it's the thought that makes it special, so giving something hand-made is always a plus in that department. Creating or decorating your baby shower favors is fun to do with you co-hosts and, if one of you are creative, can also be prettier or cooler (or whatever you want them to be) than a lot of what you'll see in stores.

Have fun creating a one of a kind green baby shower favor!


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