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Baby Shower



Baby shower decorations are a great way to increase the excitement at the baby shower and to make the party more festive. Baby shower decorations do not have to be expensive and can be hand made instead of bought at the store. We always suggest doing a combination and have listed baby shower decorations below that are easy to make and fun to create.

Baby Jars
Empty baby jars from a friend who has a baby are a great way to decorate the room! Baby jars can be hand painted in different colors or you can get a baby magazine and cut out baby pictures, pregnant mothers and baby toys as well as other baby items in making the jars colorful and related to the baby shower. Use these jars for:

Centerpieces with flowers * Centerpieces with candy * Centerpieces with candles

Baby Bottles
Empty baby bottles are a great way to decorate the room. Either ask a person who does not need their empty bottles anymore or go to a store and purchase inexpensive bottles. Decorate them with paint or magazine ads and glue that have baby shower related pictures. Use these bottles for:

Centerpieces with flowers
Centerpieces with candy
Centerpieces with candles
Condiments like mustard and ketchup when eating
Game playing by placing blue or pink jellybellys in one and having the guests guess how many jellys (winner gets to keep the bottle)

Miniature Baby Bottles - Binky's
Take three lifesavers together and place white frosting around them together. Take a pink jelleybelly or a blue jellybelly on top of one of them whether they are having a boy or girl. If not sure what the couple is having, do a pink and blue jellybelly mix. The white frosting should hold the jellybelly into place and then you will have little baby shower bottle decorations to spread across the room or on the tables.

Baby Shower Card Decorations
When everyone arrives at the baby shower, have crayons, markers and pre-cut paper in the form of a card. Have each baby shower guest create a personalized card with a picture on the front and a word of advice for the mommy-to-be inside. Place the cards immediately around the room as decorations which can be collected at the end of the baby shower by the mommy-to-be to read.

"If you are looking for more baby shower decorations at reasonable prices, check out Your Complete Party who has all the baby shower supplies and themes you need with great prices and low shipping!

December Baby Shower Decorations
If having a December Baby Shower, decorate a small Christmas tree in blue or pink lights and hang baby shower toys on the tree that the mother-to-be can take and use. Use small stuffed animals, bottles, rattles, baby bottles, etc., along with more normal items like christmass orniments and snowflakes. A great way to be festive for the holiday and the baby shower party!

Usable Baby Shower Items as Decorations
Get a basket and place baby care supplies (baby shower skin care, rattles, binky's, lotions, non-tear shampoo) and placed them in the center of each table at the shower. Whether the baby will be a boy or girl, tie baby blue or pink ribbons on the basket to liven up the basket. You can also use baby shower related pink and blue balloons to finish off the baskets that will be used as centerpices. It was a great way to help the mommy-to-be get some essential items as well as making a table look nice. A great decoration and baby shower centerpiece is a diaper cake that comes in many themes. Check out baby shower diaper cakes who has many styles of usable diapers that make great decorations!

Baby Shower Decoration Party
For those baby shower guests that are in charge of the party, it would be fun to have everyone over to create baby shower decorations by getting construction paper, glitter, glue, and other art supplies to create cutouts like:

bottles / crib / blocks with a-b-c's / rattles / stroller (for more advanced artists)
pacifiers / baby food containers / bibs / duckies

This can be a pre-party for building the excitement to the main baby shower party and all the planners will have a ball creating these items. Be sure to visit Pretty Favors for a wonderful selection of baby shower favors!

Baby Shower Rattle Decorations
This was given to us by one of our visitors - Terry - who stated:
"Bake a batch of rice crispy "balls". (Form the rice crispy into the shape of a ball, allowing it to set and firm up.) This acts as the top of a baby rattle. Use a Popsicle stick as the handle of the rattle. You can either write on the popsicle stick with Blue for a boy and pink for a girl saying......"It's a girl/ It's a boy" or paint it on if you're really crafty. If the gender has not been determined, phrases such as "Baby on the way", works too. Wrap the top of the rattle (the rice crispy balls) with a cellophane or plastic wrap, and secure it in place with a ribbon color to suit the gender of the baby. These make neat give always." Thanks Terri

Baby Shower Decoration Kits
For those who want to save a lot of time in making baby shower decorations, there is always the ease of purchasing a nice baby shower kit that comes with all the items you will need to decorate the party right! Check out the baby shower decorations which may include confetti, hanging items, wall items and kits that include everything!

Baby Booties candy holders
Materials needed: Bathroom Disposable cups, Paper napkins, Cotton Balls, Ribbon, Baby Shower Candy.
Directions: Unfold the napkin, and sit a cup on the napkin and three cotton balls where the toes should be. Pull the napkin up and tuck into the top of the cup then tie some ribbon pretty yight around the cup about half way down in to a bow. It should should look like a baby bootie then add candy kisses in the cup. Thanks to Patsy from SC for this great baby shower decoration that also makes a great little treat for everyone at the baby shower!

Baby Shower Decorations

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