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Baby Names

Baby NamesBaby names are always a topic of discussion with new parents and their families. Choosing a baby name is many times a very sensitive subject as many parents want their a passed on loved one to have some honor and family history by being tied to the new baby name. For instance, the name Heidi may be chosen from an Aunt Hilda or the name Jared may be chosen from a grandpa named Jack or Joseph. The most important issue behind a baby name is that the parents agree and are happy with what they finally choose to name their child! Below we have listed the top 10 baby boy and girl names of 2005 according to the U.S. Social Security Administration. We have also listed some important factors in choosing a baby name:

1) Make Sure to Choose a Strong Name: The name you give your child will stick with them for years to come and you must remember that they are the ones that have to live with it! Think of the name you give your child and what it will "do to them" during Junior High and High School as well as college. For instance, naming your child names like Tinker Bell, Shanda (with the last name Leer), Harry, Butch, or King (with the last name Daggot) will get them teased and ridiculed which is not fun for them and will hurt their self esteem growing up. Any name you can rhyme in a bad way or make fun of will be used by adolescent and teenagers against the child. Strong names many times can help increase their self esteem since others will not tease them (as much since kids will be kids).

2) Stay Away From Celebrity Names and Celebrity Baby Names: Using celebrity baby names like Apple, Talula Bell, Rumor or Moon Unit may not be the best way to go as again your children will be teased with these names. It may work well for Celebrities as they may already have an upper edge being the child of a celebrity and treated as such but most likely your child will only get teased. Also names like Jessica, Britney, Elvis and Gwyneth are nice names but may only be popular for the moment the star has their spotlight in Hollywood. Remember that these stars also have controversies that may also be used to tease your child. It may also be helpful to stay away from songs that incorporate a name in a negative way as they may grow up hearing it over and over (i.e., "Sally That Girl", "Rosanna", "My Sharonna", "Jenny 8675309").

3) Stay Away From Zaney Names and Spellings: As stated in point 1, stay away from outlandish names like Zanooni, Shanqileese, Zandara, unless it means something in your culture that means a lot to your, your family or its heratige! It still may be great to choose a name that can be shortand when the child is in a class so they do not get teased. It is also helpful to not choose spellings that are outlandish like Holleigh (Holly) and Steffaneigh (Stephanie) since you will frustrate your kids and their teachers as no-one will be able to spell their name and they will have to live with this curse growing up.

4) Find Out The Meanings of the Name Before Deciding: Names have meanings in many languages which is why it may be a great idea to look up online to what the name means. Choosing a name that means "sour", "bitter" or "follower" may also not be great for the child as either his/her friends find out or he/she looks them up later in life. Choose a name with a strong meaning. You can find many sites online that you can look up after choosing your childs name.

5) Take Your Time: Some parents like to think of the name right at birth and have no thought prior of naming their child. My philosophy is that you took over 9 months to create this amazing person, why not take some time to think of his/her name since they will be one of the most special people in your life. They deserve the time for you to choose a great name for them!

6) Unisex Baby Names: Although using a baby name for a girl like Dani, Toni, Ronnie, and Chris and be cute and even sexy in later life to their partners, choosing a girl's name like Joe, Jaq, and Todd may not. In addition, using names like Kit and Jan for boys may give them complexes since they may be placed in the wrong lines or sides when teachers or other administrative people go by names to separate boys from girls for events. With this being said, girls names that can be abbreviated like Joanna (Joe), Frankie (Frank), and Ronnie (Ron) can be a cute addition and nickname by friends!

In summary, take some time in thinking of baby names since it will be your child's lifelong name that they will have to live with, not only with you, but with friends, family and business people they meet. This is going to be someone very special in your life that you have in your life forever. Make their name count as one of the first things you give them!

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Write us if you have any baby name ideas to We hope you find this baby name section helpful.

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